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ANTELIAS, LEBANON – With the initiative of the Armenian Catholicosate of
Cilicia a major conference will take place on Armenian education from 5-7
August 2004 in Antelias, Lebanon. The conference will deal with a number of
issues and challenges, pertaining to Armenian education in the Diaspora.

The main subject of discussion will be the Armenian School and the way the
Armenian education is organized and provided in the daily schools. This will
include textbooks, Armenian courses, the curriculum, the status of teacher,
pedagogical methodologies, extra-curriculum activities, etc.

The conference will also attempt to look at the Armenian formation in a
broader context by dealing with the ways the new generation is formed
through the church, the family, clubs, organizations, etc. What does it mean
to be Armenian in a Diaspora situation? What kind of Armenian should we form
to confront the new challenges, risks and hopes of new times, and how such
an Armenian must be prepared? These and related questions will be seriously
addressed by the conference which will bring together about 70 selected and
experienced educators and intellectuals from different parts of the Armenian

His Holiness Aram I will address the conference and will personally attend
all its sessions. The Armenian Department of the Gulbenkian Foundation will
take part in this conference and contribute financially. The minister of
Education of Armenia will also address the conference and a delegation from
Armenia will be invited to attend the conference.

All those who want to get more information about the conference can get in
touch with the Information and Communication Department of the

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