TV & Radio Companies of CIS to Establish Int’l Information Pool

Economic Press Review
March 17, 2004 Wednesday

TV & Radio Companies of CIS to Establish International Information



On Tuesday Directors of TV and Radio Companies of Russia , Armenia ,
Belarus , Georgia , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Moldova , Ukraine and
Tajikistan signed the Memorandum on preparation of the agreement on
establishment of the International Information Pool under the
initiative of the VGTRK All-Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting
Company. It is expected that formation of the information signal
burst and exchange of reports on urgent events in CIS will become
priority in the Pool s activity. All the national companies forming
the pool will daily send their reports to the common stock and will
be able to place the items coming from CIS states in the information
run-ins. At the same time, the International Information Pool will
not enjoy the status of legal person and all the obtained video films
may be used at discretion of TV and radio companies. Still reference
to the International Information Pool as source of information is the
obligatory condition when using the video films of the stock. The
Directors of TV organizations of CIS states participating in the pool
arrangement do not exclude the possibility of transforming of the
International Information Pool into the Eurasian section of EBU
(European Broadcasting Union). Copyright (c) 1997-2003 RIA “OREANDA”