Trust Referendum is To Take Place

A1 Plus | 17:15:54 | 09-03-2004 | Social |


Considering the application of presidential candidate Stepan Demirchyan on
declaring invalid the elections, on April 16, 2003 Constitutional Court
decided to leave unchanged CEC decision, simultaneously suggesting
Parliament and Armenian President to hold a Trust Referendum within a year.

The above decision of CC became a subject of discussions. “All the opponent
stances saying CC exceeded its commission while making the decision are
senseless”, Stepan Safaryan, expert of Armenian Centre of National and
International Studies, says.

According to Safaryan who was the guest of “Political Debate Club”, “CC was
obliged to finally settle the conflict but it just offered a mechanism for
the problem solution”.

The expert says the reason for this is that CC hasn’t enough and appropriate
powers and it couldn’t assess the volumes of vote frauds and the
consequences of them on the election results.

He also said like any other CC decision the one for Trust Referendum is
final, too, and is subject to obligatory implementation.