New Director of ICRC Office


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

On March 11 NKR president Arkady Ghukassian met with the director of
the office of the Red Cross in Stepanakert Charlotte Hardford whose
term of duties in Nagorni Karabakh has completed. Ms. Hardford
introduced to the president the new director of the ICRC office in
Stepanakert Mireille Benard. She thankedthe government of the republic
for assistance to the humanitarian activities of the ICRC in
NKR. Speaking about the main directions of activity of the Karabakh
office of ICRC in 2003 Ms. Hardford told that the office will pursue
implementation of humanitarian programs in Nagorni Karabakh. In the
future they will deal with the problem of the missing soldiers, will
visit prisoners, find out their state of health, the conditions they
are kept in. Touching upon programs in the sphere of health care the
ICRC representative mentioned that the mission assists to the
reconstruction of 68 surgeries in different regions of Nagorni
Karabakh and helps to provide them with necessary equipment. According
to her, the ICRC mission also deals with providing them with
medication. In his turn, Arkady Ghukassian highly appreciated the
importance of the activitiesof the ICRC in Nagorni Karabakh, which was
the first among the international organizations to aid NKR. At the
same time the president emphasized the importance of further
activities of the ICRC mission in Nagorni Karabakh.