Hungarian Lawyer to Defend Azeri Officer Charged w/Armenian Murder


ANS TV, Baku
March 8, 2004

(Presenter) Lawyer Adil Ismayilov who will assist the defence of Ramil
Safarov (Azerbaijani officer facing charges of killing an Armenian
serviceman during NATO courses in Hungary) arrived in Baku today. He
met Safarov in a police department in Budapest. Ismayilov is now ANS
TV’s guest. Mr Ismayilov, who is the lawyer who will defend Safarov
and how do you assess him from a professional standpoint?

(Ismayilov, in studio) I want to take this opportunity to congratulate
all the Azerbaijani women on 8 March, on my behalf and on behalf of
Ramil Safarov. I especially want to congratulate his mother on
bringing up a courageous man like Safarov.

As for your question, I was in Budapest and a contract was signed
there with a lawyer. His name is (?Zalay Peter). I personally,
together with the lawyer, met Safarov. The lawyer was introduced to
Safarov and he agreed. From now on, the lawyer will be defending his

(Presenter) How experienced is the lawyer? Has he come across similar
cases? Is he experienced enough?

(Ismayilov) The lawyer was born in 1948 and is a police colonel. He
used to work as a police investigator. He became a lawyer several
years ago.

(Presenter) So are you satisfied with his level?

(Ismayilov) During this short period we had only two or three
meetings. It is impossible to say something definite, but at any rate,
I reckon that he has enough experience and knowledge.

(Presenter) You have met Azerbaijani Prosecutor-General (Zakir
Qaralov) and Defence Minister (Safar Abiyev). What are your

(Ismayilov) Upon returning from Budapest, I met some state officials,
including Abiyev, Qaralov and his first deputy Ramiz Aliyev. During
those conversations I got the impression that the state is directly
interested in finding a positive solution to this issue. As far as I
know, this issue is being addressed at the highest level, at that of
the president.

(Passage omitted: Ismayilov refuses to detail the case before the
trial starts)

(Presenter) What is his condition?

(Ismayilov) He is very well, if one may say so. I visited him in
prison. His morale is high. I believe that this morale has to be
maintained at this high level. His condition must be regularly checked
and we need to regularly visit him. As far as I know, a delegation of
the Azerbaijani Prosecutor-General’s Office will visit him soon. Such
measures need to be taken.

(Passage omitted: Translator found for Safarov)