Cash Incomes Increased


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

According to the NKR National Statistics Service, the cash incomes of
the population of the republic in 2003 totaled 34408.7 million AM
drams and increased by 17.1 percent against 2002. The incomes in all
the spheres of activities have increased against 2002;
entrepreneurship by 55.0 percent, realization of agricultural
production by 32.8 percent, salary by 24.5 percent, social and other
transfers by 6.6 percent, other incomes by 6.9 percent. The average
nominal monthly salary of one worker employed in the economy totaled
33 661 AM drams in 2003 and increased by 13.4 percent from 2002. In
comparison to 2002 the average nominal monthly salary increased
notably in building by 49.7 percent, information computing services by
31.8 percent, communication by 27.7 percent, industry by 26.7 percent,
finance and loaning by 23.5 percent, material and technical supply by
20.3 percent. The average nominal monthly salary in comparison to the
average republic salary was notably low in the spheres of material and
technical supply, forestry, trade, health, communal services.