BAKU: German gives advice on how to defeat Armenia

Azer News, Azerbaijan
March 11 2004

German gives advice on how to defeat Armenia

Dr. Wilhelm German, an expert on the security, military and political
issues of Germany, has arrived in Baku for a fact-finding visit. Dr.
German will help Azerbaijani experts develop laws on some relevant
issues, as agreed at a Wednesday meeting held between Vice Speaker
Ziyafat Asgarov and the German expert.

Stressing that it is necessary to take into account national
interests while adopting laws, Asgarov voiced criticism towards the
Council of Europe on the issue. Dr. German, in turn, underlined that
he would help Azerbaijan as much as possible in military and security

He said that the most serious problem impeding Azerbaijan’s
development was the Upper Garabagh conflict. “Don’t wait for Armenia
to weaken in order to settle the Upper Garabagh conflict. You can
solve the problem in your favor by achieving socio-economic
development in the country,” Dr. German stressed.