Armenian regions hit by floods

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan, in Armenian
9 Mar 04

Armenian regions hit by floods

[Presenter] Prime Minister Andranik Markaryan today told President
Robert Kocharyan about measures which are being taken to liquidate
the consequences of the recent natural disaster. Various regions of
Armenia were flooded as a result of a sharp change in temperature and
very hot weather, which is unusual this time of the year. The floods
and strong winds damaged mainly Tavush Region. One person died. At
the present moment commissions were set up in regions to assess the
damage. They will submit proposals on how to assist the families
affected by the floods. The power, water and communications systems,
which have been damaged by the floods, are now being repaired.

[Passage omitted: recap of the above]

[Correspondent] As a result of strong winds in Tavush Region the
roofs of houses and buildings were damaged and villages were left
without electricity. The floods and strong winds have badly damaged
Tavush, Gegarkunik, Kotayk, Aragatsotn and Shirak regions. More than
100 houses and a bridge were destroyed in Aparan.

The regions were left without electricity and communications and with
polluted drinking water. The disaster caused damage to the capital’s
economy. The level of water in Razdan river rose by almost 2.5

The mayor ordered a special commission be set up to assess the
damage. The deputy mayor of Yerevan, Vano Vardanyan, said that roads,
green areas, constructions and bridges were damaged. He noted that
the commission will assess whether any more damage was done. The
damage will be assessed within the next five days and the government
will be told about the results.

Tereza Kasyan, Aylur.