‘Opening of the Armenian-Turkish borders will be a very positivedev

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



Heikki Talvitie Calls for Armenia to Be Consequent in Yerevan- Ankara

Vartan Oskanian, RA Foreign Minister, didn’t confirm the information that RA
President and Turkish Prime Minister are going to meet in Moscow or Warsaw.
Vartan Oskanian stated in the press conference with Talvitie that Yerevan
got no official suggestion for that and the Armenian side didn’t take such
an initiative.

Oskanian emphasized that the Turkish press began actively write about such a
meeting recently and “it’s hard to say whether that is the direct suggestion
of the Turkish authorities, or the supposition of the Turkish journalists.”

Yesterday, Turkish Foreign Minister said that his meeting with Kocharian is
quite possible to take place. He added that but nothing concrete has been
decided yet. “That is possible, but we haven’t envisaged anything yet.,”
Abdullah Gul said.

Heikki Talvitie emphasized that the Armenian -Turkish relation will have
certain impact of the negotiations for Turkey’s membership to EU. He said
that the exchange of letters between Kocharian and Erdogan as an initial
stage of the Armenian-Turkish dialogue. He added that EU is ready to
contribute to development of that dialogue.

On the other hand, Talvitie said that Armenia should be consequent in its
efforts. He said that Yerevan should suggest a formula for improving the
relations with Ankara. “The opening of the Armenian-Turkish borders will be
a very positive development. I would like to call for the Armenian side to
be more consequent,” he said.

On April 10 Erdogan suggested Kocharian to create a group of historians to
study the events and the developments of the past in the archives of
Armenia, Turkey and a third country. Ra president said in reply that it
would be better to establish natural relations between the two countries.

US President and German Chancellor backed Erdogan’s proposal. What’s the
EU’s position on Erdogan’s proposal? Heikki Talvitie stated yesterday that
EU does not have a clear stance on Turkey’s proposal. On the other hand, he
says, “if the sides unify their positions, we’ll greet their decision”.

Armenian foreign minister noted that the Armenian side perfectly understands
what Turkey pursues by its proposal. Concerning Shroder’s positive
evaluation of the proposal, Oskanian said that the German Chancellor did so
only after he learnt that Bundestag discussed the Genocide issues and
recognized Germany’s responsibility in the Genocide. Oskanian recalled
Shroder saying, “a nation should have self-critical view on its history”.

Oskanian opined that “European leaders think that by the proposal of
creating a commission Turkey wants to open dark pages of its history but not
argue about Genocide’s historicity”. “European leaders take it as an attempt
to put up with history”, Oskanian said.

During his Turkey visit a few days ago, Shroder stated, “We want to see
Armenian-Turkish relations improved. Germany is ready to do everything in
its power and will open its archives before historians”. He also mentioned
that the genocide issue will never be a precondition for Turkey’s EU
accession and “no referendum in any country will stymie Turkey’s membership”

Referring to Turkish Anatolia agency, Mediamax informed that 2 separate
commissions, one comprised of historians, the other of government
representatives, may be set. Ankara considers that Russian, British and
German colleagues may well join the works of the commission.

European Union special representative for the South Caucasus met yesterday
President Robert Kocharian and NA speaker Artur Baghdasarian. They discussed
Armenia-EU relations, Nagorno Karabakh regulation and Armenia-Turkey

By Tatoul Hakobian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Washington to demand Turkey to open border with Armenia

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



White House Pleased with Erdogan-Kocharian Correspondence

According to Turkish Zaman newspaper, the US Undersecretary of the State
Department responsible for European and Eurasian affairs Laura Kennedy
demanded during a press conference in Ankara that Turkey opens its border
with Armenia. Kennedy labeled the process between Turkey and Armenia
“hopeful” and evaluated the possible meeting of Erdogan and Kocharian in
Warsaw as a “wonderful thing”.

“The US considers promising that Armenian and Turkish authorities exchange
opinions and supports reconstruction of friendly relations”, Kennedy stated
during a meeting with Turkish officials.

During her two-day stay, Laura Kennedy met with the secretary general of
National Security Council of Turkey, vice-spokesperson of Foreign Ministry
and other officials.

Referring to Associated Press, Radio Liberty quoted Kennedy as saying, “The
White House is pleased with the fact of recent exchange of correspondence
between Turkish Prime Minister and Armenian President on genocide-related
issues and called on unifying their suggestions”.

In his letter Robert Kocharian on April 10, Erdogan suggested setting a
group of historians “that would study archives not only of Armenia and
Turkey but those of related third states and will inform the international
community about the results”. Armenian President said in his reply letter
that “we have no right to authorize historians with the task” and suggested
“to establish natural relations between the two state without

“Why won’t they do both things simultaneously? We are hopeful that this
process will continue. The White House is interested in intergovernmental
relations between Armenia and Turkey and in the issue of reconciliation”,
Laura Kennedy said in Ankara.

Referring to diplomatic sources, Zaman and Radikal notified earlier that
Kocharian and Erdogan are likely to meet in Warsaw during EC Summit on May
16-17. Official Yerevan states that “there is no such meeting scheduled so

By Tatoul Hakobian

‘Erdogan may meet Kocharian’

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



Turkish Foreign Minister States

In his speech at the Turkish National Assembly, foreign minister Abdullah
Gul said hinting at the resolutions on Armenian Genocide, “Parliaments of
some countries are taking decisions. Injustice against Turkey continues.
None of these decisions will remain unanswered. We’ll send a challenge.
We’ll tell those slandering us: ‘Prove if you can’ and will make them
provide evidence. We are working on this direction. We’ll present the
results in near future. We are in disadvantage. Armenians have gone far
ahead. We need to separate Armenia from Diaspora for our struggle. We are
going to send letters to all countries that have taken decisions on the
genocide and the EU states”.

Answering a question concerning possible meeting of Erdogan and Kocharian in
Warsaw, Abdullah Gul said that sides hold meetings at international forums
but only between foreign ministers so far. Meanwhile Gul thinks it possible
that Armenian President and Turkish Prime Minister will meet in Warsaw
though, he emphasized, there was no arrangement. He then reminded that there
are no diplomatic relations between the countries.

By Hakob Chakrian

Nagorno Karabakh conflict hinders developement of region


AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005
Karabakh issue

Heikki Talvitie, EU Special Representative in the South Caucasus,
stated in the press conference held together with RA Foreign
Minister that the EU is interested in contributing to the regional
cooperation. But he added that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict hinders
that cooperation.”

Vartan Oskanian stated that his meeting with the OSCE Minsk group
co-chairs is likely to take place two days before the meeting of RA
and Azeri president. It is envisaged that Kocharian and Aliyev will
meet in Warsaw on May 16-17.

Minsk Group to meet with Oskanian

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



Yuri Merzliakov, Russian co-chair of the OSCE Minsk group, said in the
interview to the Azeri ANS TV that the April 27 negotiations held with Elmar
Mamediarov in Frankfurt was “an effective and a useful one.” He said that
the OSCE co-chairs are going to meet with Vartan Oskanian, RA foreign
minister. The Russian diplomat said that the meeting might take place in
Moscow, Warsaw or in one of the European cities few days before the CE

You are far from Europe

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU minister of external relations and the Issues of
European Neighborhood, said in the interview to ITAR TASS that it is too
early for Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova to become EU member states. “It~Rs
high time to be realistic. Look what poor economy these countries have! They
still have many things to change. They know about that very well,” Benita
Ferrero-Waldner said.

Congratulations to WW II veterans

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005

60th Anniversary


Together with $100 to Each

The Union of Journalists held its regular celebration of Victory Day
in WWII yesterday. President of the Union Astghik Gevorgian thanked
and wished good health to veteran members of the Union.

The Victory Day celebration was organized in cooperation with the
World Armenian Congress. President of the Congress, Ara Abrahamian,
sent war veterans postcards and $100.

Vice-president of WAC and Union of Russia’s Armenians, Vladimir
Aghayan, conveyed Ara Abrahamian’s greetings and wishes to
veterans. Aghayan noted that the Writers’ Union, Painters’ Union and
the National Academy of Sciences also received Abrahamian’s presents.

Another arrangement took place yesterday at the Union of
Writers. President of the Union, Levon Ananian, spoke about 400
writers from the Union that went to the front, some of them even
reaching Berlin. Those who came back from the war created major works,
enriching Armenian literature.

Levon Ananian touched upon the theme of war in the works of veteran
writers and wished that the new generations never again experienced
such disaster. Ananian added that 12 veteran writers of the Union
received $100 from Ara Abrahamian.

Participants emphasized that May 9 is not only the day of victory
in WW II but also is the day of Shushi liberation and honored the
perished with a minute of silence.

The celebration of the victory will continue today at the Painters’
Union and the Academy of Sciences.

By Aghavni Harutyunian

Parliaments of Azerbaijan and Turkey to begin joint struggle….

AZG Armenian Daily #082, 06/05/2005



The parliaments of Azerbaijan and Turkey are going to unfold
joint struggle directed against “the statements on the Armenian
genocide.” Mediamax informed that Arif Rahimzade, deputy speaker of
the Azeri parliament, said this during the meeting with Emin Serin
and Hussein Mumtazi, Turkish parliamentarians.

“The parliament of Azerbaijan has discovered many facts that reveal
the policy of the Armenians. Uniting our efforts, we shall fight and
reveal the policy of the Armenians, ” Serin said. He stated that when
they return to Turkey, they will submit this issue to the discussion
at the parliament.

Armenian Officials Deny Russian Role In 1999 Parliament Carnage

Armenian Officials Deny Russian Role In 1999 Parliament Carnage

Radio Free Europe, Czech Rep.
May 5 2005

Armenian officials on Wednesday categorically denied allegations by
a fugitive Russian security officer that the October 1999 attack on
Armenia’s parliament, which left eight people dead, was orchestrated
by Moscow.

Colonel Aleksandr Litvinenko, a former senior official at Russia’s
Federal Security Service (FSB) who now lives in Britain, claimed in a
recent interview with an Azerbaijani online publication that Moscow
hatched the plot to prevent a resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh

“It is well know to many chiefs of Russian special services that the
1999 shootings in the Armenian parliament was organized by Russia’s
GRU [military intelligence],” Litvinenko said. “With that special
operation, Russia’s political leadership managed to prevent the
signing of a peace agreement resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

He added that President Robert Kocharian and his then Azerbaijani
counterpart Heydar Aliev were due to sign a peace deal during the
December 1999 summit in Istanbul of the Organization for Security
and Cooperation in Europe.

Kocharian and Aliev reportedly made progress toward a peaceful
settlement in the months leading up to the assassination of Armenia’s
former Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian, parliament speaker Karen
Demirchian and six other officials. The then U.S. Deputy Secretary
of State Strobe Talbot discussed the Karabakh peace process with
Armenian leaders in Yerevan just hours before five gunmen burst into
the National Assembly.

The gunmen led by Nairi Hunanian, a former journalist, were sentenced
to life imprisonment in December 2003 following a lengthy trial.

The spokesman for Armenia’s National Security Service, Artsvin
Baghramian, ruled out any Russian involvement in the killings that
had plunged Armenia into a grave political crisis and set back the
Karabakh peace process. “Not a single fact or even a hint relating
to Litvinenko’s theory emerged during the trial,” he told RFE/RL.

Garnik Isagulian, Kocharian’s national security adviser, was even more
categorical, dismissing Litvinenko as a “sick man.” “We are not obliged
to refute or confirm the products of someone’s morbid imagination,”
he told RFE/RL.

“An Armenian court handed down a ruling in connection with the case
and the issue was closed,” Isagulian said.

Hunanian insisted throughout the trial that he himself
masterminded and carried out the attack to rid Armenia of its
“corrupt” government. However, his final court speech, cut short by
the presiding judge, was more ambiguous. The judge argued that the
question of whether the armed gang had powerful backers is the subject
of a separate investigation that was still going on at the time.

The inquiry was led by Armenia’s Chief Military Prosecutor Gagik
Jahangirian. He has suggested in the past that Hunanian and his
henchmen did not act on their own.

Jahangirian and his team of investigators claimed to have continued
to look for possible masterminds of the attack even after the gunmen
went on trial in 2001. The case was transferred under the jurisdiction
of Prosecutor-General’s Office in 2003 for unknown reasons. It was
eventually closed for lack of evidence.

Some relatives and friends of the assassinated officials, among
them two of Armenia’s most popular opposition leaders, suspect
Kocharian of having a hand in the killings and have openly accused
him of obstructing justice. Kocharian and his supporters have always
dismissed the charges.

Armenian Ichthyologists Set No Limits On Crucian Carp Fishing In Sev


YEREVAN, MAY 5. ARMINFO. Armenian ichtyologists have imposed no limits
on crucian carp fishing in Lake Sevan this year.

Deputy Director of Institute of Hydrology and Ichtyology of Armenia’s
National Academy of Sciences Boris Gabriyelyan says that as many
crucian carps live in Sevan today as sigs (white fish). They eat the
food of the basic species and so are not wanted in the lake. The fish
got into the lake in 1980 because of negligence and has been quickly
multiplying there since then. Meanwhile bakhtak and bojak (kinds of
trout) are near extinction. Gabriyelyan says that the raising of
Sevan’s level and urgent ecological measures will allow if not to
fully restore at least to save the population of trout in Sevan.

Meanwhile scientists are convinced that human activities and shallowing
rather than other species are responsible for declining number of
trout and white fish in Sevan. Sig is fished in uncontrolled amounts
while trout suffers from inability to spawn in the shallowing lake.

To remind, the level of Sevan was lowered by 20 meters for using its
water for irrigation. In the last two years the level has been raised
by 93 cm to 1,897.78 meters.