British baroness vows to continue aid to Nagornyy Karabakh

British baroness vows to continue aid to Nagornyy Karabakh

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
15 Sep 05

[Presenter] More people should visit Nagornyy Karabakh in order to
understand why the Armenians cannot accept Azeris [forced to leave the
region during the conflict] back, the deputy speaker of the British
House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox, has said. This is the 60th
visit of the baroness to Artsakh [Karabakh]. She has visited the
conflict zone during the most difficult years.

[Correspondent] Paying 60 visits to the same country means being in
true love with it. The baroness has been with the Artsakh people
during the hardest days of the conflict and now she is proud to see
the development of this liberated country.

[Caroline Cox, speaking in English with Armenian voice-over] People
who come to Artsakh for the first time do not believe that there was a
war a few years ago. I am proud to see that things are being restored
quickly and a democratic country is being built.

[Correspondent] The baroness never comes alone. Every time she comes,
she brings along many people from various countries of the world.

[Cox] It worries me that the international community does not
understand why the Armenians cannot accept Azeris back. Every time I
come, I bring along new guests to introduce them to true history and
to explain that the Armenians are the owners of this land.

[Correspondent] Caroline Cox came to Artsakh as part of a pilgrimage
with a delegation of 20 people from the USA, UK and Switzerland.

[Passage omitted: guests speak about Karabakh]

The guests were impressed how war veterans are treated. The
international Christian peace organization opened a rehabilitation
centre in Stepanakert seven years ago with the help of Caroline Cox,
where many war veterans are being treated. The sponsors are working to
improve the centre and Caroline Cox has a special role in helping the
centre, which was named after her.

The baroness said that she will continue to render assistance to
Artsakh and to pray that the international community finally
recognizes the independence of Nagornyy Karabakh.

Narine Agabalyan, Artur Nersesyan, “Aylur”, Stepanakert.

[Video showed the speaker of the Nagornyy Karabakh republic, Ashot
Gulyan meeting Caroline Cox, Cox’s visit to the rehabilitation centre]

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