Russia, Belarussian MPs to monitor elections in Georgia

RIA Novosti, Russia March 22 2004 RUSSIAN, BELARUSSIAN MPS TO MONITOR ELECTIONS IN GEORGIA MOSCOW, March 22, 2004. (RIA Novosti). Russian and Belarussian MPs will observe the parliamentary elections in Georgia on March 28, executive secretary of the Parliamentary Assembly of Russia-Belarus Union Vladimir Aksenov told journalists on Monday. According to him, delegations of the […]

Economic factors in Pakistan Movement

Daily Times, Pakistan March 21 2004 Economic factors in Pakistan Movement – Ishtiaq Ahmed In the final stages of the Partition drama, large sections of the Muslim community had been successfully mobilised in favour of the argument that the creation of Pakistan would bring them economic relief and prosperity Most serious research on the Pakistan […]

Can you spare 12 bucks for the library?

Minneapolis Star Tribune , MN March 21 2004 Can you spare 12 bucks for the library? Peg Meier, Star Tribune Margaret Howes raised the magic question: “What if everyone in Minneapolis chipped in to support the library? How much would it take?” Good question, thought library director Kit Hadley, and reached for her calculator. She […]

Sating the Monster

Dissident Voice, United States March 22 2004 Sating the Monster by Barbara Sumner Burstyn Part of the year we live in a small farming community in New Zealand, where each summer the locals get together for a sports day. In a paddock backed by the impenetrable Kaweka Ranges, kids gallop their horses round barrels and […]

Armenia, Sierra Leone establish diplomatic relations

ArmenPress March 22 2004 ARMENIA, SIERRA LEONE ESTABLISH DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS NEW YORK, MARCH 22, ARMENPRESS: Permanent Representatives of Armenia and Sierra Leone to the UN, Armen Martirosian and Joe Robert Pemagbi signed on March 19 a memorandum on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Armenian foreign affairs ministry said the two men […]

BAKU: The law ”On freedom of information” democratic externally

Central Asian and Southern Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN), Azerbaijan March 22 2004 The law ”On freedom of information” is democratic only externally – The law “On freedom of information” of the Republic of Armenia is democratic only externally, actually there are no some important elements in it necessary for development of democracy. […]

Duma int’l committee Head believes in close resz of Adzhar conflict

RIA Novosti, Russia March 22 2004 HEAD OF STATE DUMA INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE BELIEVES IN CLOSE RESOLUTION OF ADZHARIAN CONFLICT MOSCOW, March 22, 2004 – RIA Novosti. The conflict around Adzharia (autonomy within Georgia) is probably close to resolution, Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the State Duma international committee, told journalists on Monday. “One cannot but feel […]

Japan provides Armenia with another agricultural grant

ArmenPress March 22 2004 JAPAN PROVIDES ARMENIA WITH ANOTHER AGRICULTURAL GRANT YEREVAN, MARCH 22, ARMENPRESS: Armenian agriculture minister David Lokian and a senior official of the Japanese embassy in Moscow, Masataka Yosidzava, signed today an agreement according to which the Japanese government will provide Armenia with another, the seven consecutive grant of 200 million Yens. […]

More signs of increased seismic activity in Armenia

ArmenPress March 22 2004 MORE SIGNS OF INCREASED SEISMIC ACTIVITY IN ARMENIA GYUMRI, MARCH 22, ARMENPRESS: The northern branch of the National Survey for Seismic Protection (NSSP), situated in the town of Gyumri, said there are indications of increased seismic activity in Armenia’s northern regions. Since the start of 2004 it has registered around 200 […]

Chess: Interview with B. Djobava

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh March 19 2004 INTERVIEW WITH B. DJOBAVA Among the guests of the International Chess Tournament held in Stepanakert was young chess-player from Georgia, grand master Bahadur Djobava. – What did you know about Nagorni Karabakh? – I heard about the territorial and political conflict between Azerbaijan and Nagorni […]