Catherine Ashton: EU Committed To Further Deepen Relationship With C

17:02 12/05/2010


"I welcome the adoption by the General Affairs Council on 10 May
of the negotiating directives for the future Association Agreements
between the EU and Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The adoption of these negotiating directives is a clear sign of our
strong commitment to further deepen the relationship between the EU
and the countries of the South Caucasus, on the basis of shared values
and principles, including democracy, the rule of law and respect
for human rights," Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the
Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of
the European Commission, said at a sitting may 10, Regnum reports.

Ashton called the Association Agreements an important instrument
to upgrade relations beyond "existing commitments with a view of
political association and gradual economic integration with the EU."

Referring to the Eastern Partnership, Ashton said the program "provides
an ambitious framework for taking the relationship with the countries
of the South Caucasus to a new level."

"Successful implementation of the Eastern Partnership with the active
engagement of the partner countries both in its multilateral and
bilateral track will strengthen relations on the basis of shared values
and will help advancing political and economic reforms, consolidate
governance and foster regional stability, prosperity and confidence
building," C. Ashton highlighted.

Georgia Port Gets Emirate Investment


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MAY 11, 2010

POTI, Georgia – The Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirate will invest up
to $500 million in Georgia’s busiest Black Sea port of Poti over the
next four to five years through its investment authority Rakia, senior
executives in its Georgian subsidiaries said in interviews this week.

Poti, which was briefly seized by Russia after August 2008’s war
over the breakaway territory of South Ossetia, is a key transit
route linking the Caucasus and Central Asia to Europe, and Georgia’s
government has been working with Rakia to establish a free industrial
zone on the territory which would allow companies to operate tax free
and export goods.

Rakia already fully owns Poti’s existing port, plans to finish
construction of the zone by the end of May, and will start to build
a second port adjacent to it next year at a cost of $300 million.

"Rakia will hold a majority in the new port, we’re funding it but also
looking for big international banks to become involved," said Khaled
Chatila, Poti Sea Port’s general manager. Rakia will also expand the
first port, which handles oil and general cargo, to increase grain
and cement capacity, he said.

Some 15 companies have already signed up for the free zone and 50
are expected by the end of 2010, according to Joseph Nibladze, Rakia
Georgia’s senior marketing executive.

They will include furniture makers, chemical manufacturers, steel
fabricators and agricultural producers from Azerbaijan, Armenia,
Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, he said.

Georgia’s economy, fuelled by $2 billion in foreign investment, grew
12.4% in 2007. But the war and world economic crisis scared investors
away and it shrank by 3.9% last year. The government is predicting
a return to growth of 4.5% in 2010.

Another free industrial zone in Kutaisi in western Georgia is already
up and running, with Egyptian household goods manufacturer, Fresh,
assembling gas cookers and water heaters there for export to Azerbaijan
and Armenia.

Two more zones are planned, one in Gonio near the Turkish Georgian
border, and one in the east of the country, said finance minister
Kakha Baindurashvili.

"Our theory with the free industrial zones is that both the investor
and the government do well. They get a free tax environment, free
trade and good logistics and we get increased employment and dollar
flows," he said.

Sergey Minasyan : La Diplomatie De Football S’est Epuisee

par Stephane

mardi11 mai 2010

Le politologue Sergey Minasyan prevoit un nouveau format pour la
normalisation des relations armeno-turques. Il dit que la diplomatie
de football s’est epuisee. Pour l’Armenie, ce n’est pas seulement le
processus armeno-turc, puisque il est lie a la question du Karabakh
dans une certaine mesure.

L’Armenie essaye de resoudre ses problèmes avec la Turquie et
l’Azerbaïdjan de differentes facons, mais l’Armenie au cours des deux
dernières annees n’a pas reussi a entièrement les separer.

" Cependant, le fait que Bakou n’est pas sur a 100 % que la Turquie
la soutiendra toujours au moins strategiquement et supportera
l’Azerbaïdjan dans le cas où d’une reprise des actions militaires,
a cause un certain malentendu a l’interieur de l’Azerbaïdjan et
a cree la defiance. Le meme chose ne peut pas etre dit d’Ankara "
a dit Sergey Minasyan.

FC Pyunik Win Armenian Cup


May 10, 2010 – 23:08 AMT 18:08 GMT

FC Pyunik scored a 4:0 victory over FC Banants in the final match
for the Armenian Cup on May 10.

After the match, Banants coach Stevica Kuzmanoski apologized to his
club’s fans, saying: "We didn’t succeed today. The defense was too
week and we failed the game."

Vardan Minasyan, Pyunik coach said, for his part, that it was not
an easy match. "Although we were leading, we were tensed. Anyway, we
showed a good game and I congratulate our players and fans," he said.

German Version For Nagorno Karabakh Settlement Offered By Alexander

13:53 10.05.10

Though the West was unsuccessful in its attempts to opening the
Armenia-Turkey border at this stage, it will not step back and will
spend further efforts to open the border, European expert on energy
issues in the Commonwealth of Independent States Alexander Rar said
at an interview with the Azerbaijani news website.

"The problem is not only the Armenia-Turkey border. The European Union
and the West want to have an influence on the situation in the South
Caucasus region through Turkey and for that reason they will continue
taking further steps. The opening of the Armenia Turkey border is
beneficial for many world players. They want the transport routes to
pass through the South Caucasus to Turkey and Europe. For that reason
this issue will not be left out from the agenda," said Rar.

Asked whether the Nagorno-Karabakh issue would be taken into account
while opening the Armenia-Turkey border, Rar said: "The only country
that demands those two procuresses be linked to each other is
Azerbaijan. The European Union and the United States prefer another
way. They want the region to see the atmosphere turning warm by the
opening of the border, a friendship prevail between the two peoples,
and in this case the issue will be possible to resolve in a warmer
atmosphere. The EU will again try to bringing Armenia and Turkey at
the table [of negotiations]."

Commenting on Azerbaijan’s bellicose statements over resolving the
Karabakh issue through a military way, Rar said the West is against
that option.

"The West is in favor of a peaceful resolution of problems, even if
it lasts years and decades in some cases. The best example is Germany
that waited for its unification for 45 years," said Alexander Rar.

President Of The Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan Addressed A Congratu


MAY 10, 2010

President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan addressed a
congratulatory message in connection with the Victory Holiday,
the Day of the NKR Defense Army and the Liberation of Shoushi. The
address runs as follows:

"Dear compatriots, Respected veterans of the Great Patriotic and
Artsakh Liberation Wars, Soldiers, officers and generals of the
Artsakh Republic Defense Army

This year we celebrate a glorious jubilee – 65th anniversary of the
victory in the Great Patriotic War. The people of Artsakh together
with other peoples of the Soviet Union have had their significant
contribution in forging this victory. Their heroic deeds and courage
displayed in the struggle against fascism are an invaluable lesson
of patriotism for younger generations.

The heroic example of our compatriots in the Great Patriotic war
inspired us and called to new victories. The NKR Defense Army was
formed and tempered during the Artsakh liberation war, one of the
heroic pages of our people’s history was written with sacred blood
of our brave sons. With the liberation of Shoushi the spirit and
confidence of Armenian people towards their own power was again

Today we bow our heads to the memory of all patriots of our
Motherland. We must keep alive the symbol of the May victories, love
and cherish our Motherland, build powerful and prosperous country, be
strong and united. We are obliged to be attentive and careful towards
the families of our perished brothers and sisters, our veterans,
to make their life better and prosperous.

Dear people of Artsakh, I congratulate you once again on the Victory
Holiday, the Day of the NKR Defense Army and the liberation of Shoushi,
wish you peace, robust health and happiness."

Purchase And Sale Transactions Of 2.25 Million Conductedat NASDAQ OM


MAY 10,2010

YEREVAN, MAY 10, NOYAN TAPAN. Purchase and sale transactions of 2.25
million at the weighted average exchange rate of 389.48 drams per
dollar were conducted at NASDAQ OMX Armenia OJSC on May 10. According
to the press service of the Central Bank of Armenia, the closing
price was 389.5 drams.

Samvel Ter-Sahakyan In "Young Stars Of World"

15:51 10/05/2010


GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan recorded his victory in the "Young Stars
of the World" tournament, due in Kirishi, Russia, Armenian chess
federation reported.

12 chess players (including 5 Grandmasters) are taking part in the
tournament which is being held by the round-robin system.

Prime Minister Of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan Attends Reception On Occas


2010-05-10 16:31:00

ArmInfo. Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan attended the
official reception organized by the initiative of the Russian Embassy
in Armenia on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Victory in
the Great Patriotic War. The event took place on May 9 2010 at Karen
Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex.

The government members and parliamentarians, diplomats accredited
in Armenia, veterans of the GPW, and servicemen participated in the
event. Prime Minister of Armenia welcomed those present and said: I’d
like to pay deep respect to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War
and congratulate you and all those present on the 65th anniversary of
the Great Victory. The annual celebrities of this significant event in
the CIS are of nation-wide importance, of course. However, our dear
veterans have always been the key heroes of the Victory Day. We are
deeply in their dept. They are the heroes of those heroic pages of
our common history that is already far in the past and their unity
brought this Glorious Victory. I am proud to recall that our small
republic made quite significant contribution to the Victory over
Fascism. Over 600,000 Armenians were called to army in the period from
June 1941 to May 1945, though the total population of Armenia than
did not exceed 1.5 million people. Nearly 300,000 Armenian fought
on the front line and over 200,000 of Armenian fell in battle. The
names of three Armenians marshals, 1 admiral, 60 generals, 106 heroes
of the USSR, 27 full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory were included
in the glorious history of the Soviet Army. Six national divisions
from Armenia had a great role in the fight on the front line, and
three of these divisions – NN 89, 408 and 409, actively fought in the
Caucasus foothills. We pay homage to the memory of the multinational
army of the Great Patriotic War. Thank God, we have the opportunity
to see and communicate with some of those heroes. It is high time to
praise our heroes not only in word but also truly in deed. Memory,
attention and care are all our dear veterans need. Such are the
key components of our common strategy with regard to our respectful
veterans. The Government of Armenia as part of the action plan for
organization and celebration of the 65th anniversary of Victory in the
GPW adopted by the CIS leaders has already conducted and continues
organizing meetings with veterans, music festivals, exhibitions,
evening meetings, military and sport games, scientific conferences,
publication of thematic print materials. A special attention is
paid to education of the growing generation. In particular, lessons
dedicated to the memory of the participants in the GPW were organized
at schools. Pupils wrote compositions on the topic "We are successors
of winners". The Government is focusing on the social protection
of the participants in the Great Patriotic War. The Government has
approved the parliament- adopted decision to recompense the deposits
with the USSR Savingsbank of all the veterans residing in Armenia. The
Government has approved funds from the Reserve Fund for treatment and
rehabilitation of 300 veterans. The government is studying extension
of the list of benefits for veterans regarding the medical, transport
and communal services. Indeed, it is a little bit of what our dear
veterans deserve and the country’s leadership is exerting maximum
efforts to develop Armenia into a strong, rich and prospering country.

We will be able to fully render to them the care and attention they
deserve only having such strong country. I’d like to congratulate
our veterans and all of us on the 65th anniversary of the Great
Victory once again. Let’s the uneclisped fame of the winners lives
forever serving a bright example of bravery and endurance for the
future generations."

A festive concert followed the prime minister’s speech.

Armenia knows the price of victory and peace

Armenia knows the price of victory and peace

May 8, 2010 – 12:37 AMT 07:37 GMT

Armenia’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Karen
Nazaryan addressed the UN General Assembly with a report on Armenia’s
contribution to the fight against fascism.

`600 thousand Armenians (when the population of the Armenian SSR
totaled less than 1.5 million) fought in the front from 1941 to 1945,’
Ambassador Nazaryan said. `Armenia knows the price of victory and
peace and calls to derive lessons from the past and double efforts
aimed at peaceful resolution of conflicts.’

The Armenian representation to the UN also produced photographs for an
exhibition which opened in the UN headquarters in New York, RA MFA
press office reported.