Armenia with the Great Explorers

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Feb 27 2024

Armenia is little known. This small country in the Caucasus is, however, one of the cradles of humanity and plays an important role in the Bible: it is on the slopes of Mount Ararat that Noah’s ark is said to have ended up.

Published at 11:30 a.m.

Director Nicolas Pernot developed a passion for this country and its inhabitants, particularly resilient after a genocide at the beginning of the 20th century.e century.

On the program: spectacular landscapes, medieval churches and basalt organs, not forgetting traditional music and cuisine.

The tour takes place in the province until March 18.

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Alashkert’s Striking 6-0 Victory Over BKMA: Desire and Martini Shine in Armenian Premier League

Feb 27 2024

In an electrifying match of the Armenian Premier League's 22nd round, Alashkert Football Club showcased their dominance with a commanding 6-0 win against BKMA. The game, marked by exceptional performances from Haitian forward Jonel Desire and Brazilian forward Gustavo Martini, who netted two goals each, has stirred the league standings and highlighted the competitive spirit within Armenia's top football league.

The match's outcome was significantly influenced by the prowess of Alashkert's forwards. Jonel Desire opened the scoring spree with two consecutive goals in the first half, setting a robust foundation for Alashkert's victory. Gustavo Martini followed suit with another pair of goals in the second half, leaving BKMA's defense struggling to regain composure. An unfortunate auto-goal by BKMA defender Norayr Nikoghosyan further widened the scoring gap, and Portuguese forward Agdon Menezes sealed the victory with a late goal. This collective effort not only exemplifies the team's offensive strength but also positions Alashkert as a formidable competitor in the league.

This remarkable victory has propelled Alashkert to the fourth position in the league standings, now tied in points with the reigning champions and cup winner, Urartu. However, it's worth noting that Urartu holds a game in hand, which could potentially alter the standings once played. On the other end, BKMA finds itself in the seventh spot, facing an uphill battle to climb the league table. The match's outcome not only reflects the individual and collective talents within Alashkert but also underscores the significance of every game in the tightly contested Armenian Premier League.

As the league progresses, the focus now shifts to how teams will adjust their strategies and line-ups in response to the current standings. Alashkert's resounding victory serves as a testament to their potential and ambition in the ongoing season. Meanwhile, for BKMA, the defeat poses a challenge to regroup and strategize for the remainder of the league. The Armenian Premier League continues to captivate football fans with its unpredictability and high level of competition, promising more thrilling matches ahead.

The recent clash between Alashkert and BKMA, highlighted by standout performances and significant implications for the league table, has undoubtedly set the stage for an intense finish to the season. With teams vying for supremacy in Armenia's top football competition, the coming weeks are poised to deliver more action-packed encounters and potential shifts in the league hierarchy.

French minister’s delegation to Armenia to include leading defense companies


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 22, ARMENPRESS. French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu’s delegation during his upcoming Armenia trip will include defense companies MBDA, Nexter, Safran, Thales and Arquus, according to Politico.

Lecornu recently announced his upcoming visit to Armenia.

Furthermore, according to Le Figaro, France will deliver a batch of defensive armaments to Armenia on February 22.

MBDA is a European multinational developer and manufacturer of missiles headquartered in France.

Nexter is a weapons manufacturer producing armored vehicles, munitions, firearms, cannons and other arms.

Safran designs, develops and manufactures aircraft engines, spacecraft propulsion systems as well as various aerospace and defense-related equipment.

Thales designs, develops and manufactures electrical systems as well as devices and equipment for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security sectors.

Arquus specializes in military vehicles.

Armenia requests extradition of Azeri suspected war criminal from Russia


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 22, ARMENPRESS. Armenian law enforcement agencies have officialy requested Russia to extradite Kamil Zeynalli, the Azeri national who was briefly apprehended in Moscow pursuant to an Armenian arrest warrant.

The extradition request has been conveyed by the Armenian Prosecutor-General’s Office to the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office, the law enforcement body said in a statement. 

Kamil Zeynalli’s lawyer Alekber Garayev told Azeri media on February 21 that his client is wanted by Armenia under Article 135 (crimes against humanity), 147 (mercenaryism) and 149 (aggression) of the Armenian Criminal Code.

Other media reports said Zeynalli is also wanted under Article 140 (war crimes committed through prohibited methods of warfare).

Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson Narek Sargsyan told Armenpress on February 21 that the Azeri national is on the interstate wanted list on a murder charge. He did not elaborate.

Although initial media reports said the Azeri national would face a Russian court on February 22, he then flew to Baku and gave a press briefing in the airport.

According to unconfirmed media reports, Kamil Zeynalli is suspected of war crimes committed during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war when he fought from the Azeri side against Armenian forces, particularly of killing and beheading an elderly civilian hostage. According to the media reports, Zeynalli is a recipient of Azeri medals for his military service.  According to the reports, the man is now a 'blogger' and a ‘fitness trainer’.

Armenia has exclusively legitimate goals in defense area – PM’s response to Azeri accusations on arms acquisitions


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 15, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has responded to Azerbaijan’s accusations regarding Armenia’s arms acquisitions.

“Azerbaijan continues threatening rhetoric regarding our military reforms and arms acquisitions by Armenia. Having a strong and combat ready military is the legitimate right of every country,” Pashinyan said at the Cabinet meeting. “No one can deny this. Armenia recognizes the territorial integrity of all neighboring countries and doesn’t have any goals outside its own territory. By the way, this is our long-term strategy because we believe that legitimacy is a highly important component for ensuring the security of the Republic of Armenia. The Republic of Armenia has exclusively legitimate goals in the defense sector, which is the protection of its internationally recognized territories,” Pashinyan said.

Armenian Defense Ministry Investigates Alleged Ceasefire Violation at Kapan-Zangelan Border

Feb 12 2024
Rizwan Shah
In an unexpected turn of events, the Armenian Defense Ministry is delving into the alleged opening of fire by Armenian guards on the Kapan-Zangelan section of the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border on . The incident reportedly occurred despite written orders that outline the specific conditions under which a serviceman can make a decision to open fire.

The Armenian Defense Ministry has taken a firm stance following the allegations of a ceasefire violation at the Kapan-Zangelan border section. In a statement released today, the Ministry underscored the existence of written orders from superior commanders, detailing the circumstances under which a serviceman can or must open fire. Preliminary findings suggest that no such situation occurred in the area on February 12.

Should the investigation confirm that orders were violated, the Defense Ministry has vowed to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. This commitment to upholding the rules of engagement reflects the Ministry's dedication to maintaining the integrity of its forces and preserving regional stability.

As the investigation unfolds, the potential repercussions of this incident loom large. The delicate balance of power between Armenia and Azerbaijan remains a focal point of international concern. With tensions simmering beneath the surface, any violation of the ceasefire agreement could have far-reaching consequences for both nations and the broader region.


As the Armenian Defense Ministry continues its investigation, the world watches closely, hoping for a swift resolution that upholds the principles of accountability and transparency. The outcome of this investigation will serve as a critical reminder of the importance of adhering to rules of engagement and maintaining stability in a volatile region.

In the end, it is essential to remember that the true cost of any conflict lies not in the boundaries drawn on maps, but in the lives affected by the decisions made by those in power. As journalists, we must strive to uncover the human stories behind the headlines, revealing the complex tapestry of motivations, histories, and potential futures that shape our world.

Nokia (NOK) Boosts Armenia’s Network With Ucom Partnership

Feb 12 2024
Zacks Equity Research 

Nokia Corporation (NOK Free Report) has secured a pivotal collaboration with Ucom aimed at revolutionizing network connectivity in Armenia. The agreement entails the upgrade of Ucom's nationwide radio access network (RAN), along with enhancements to its core and IP network infrastructure, all orchestrated to pave the way for the future deployment of 5G services in the country.

Ucom is reportedly the fastest fixed and mobile services provider in Armenia. By leveraging Nokia's cutting-edge 5G AirScale portfolio, fueled by energy-efficient ReefShark System-on-Chip technology, Ucom anticipates a significant boost in performance and capacity. Moreover, Nokia's intelligent MantaRay Networks Management system promises consolidated network monitoring and management capabilities enriched with AI functionalities, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Per the deal, Nokia will deploy a suite of solutions, including Cloud Packet Core portfolio, Cloud Operations Manager, Shared Data Layer and Subscriber Data Management, among others. The incorporation of Nokia IP routers across various network segments further solidifies the comprehensive nature of the upgrade.

The partnership has the potential to catalyze a new era of connectivity in Armenia and unlock new applications reliant on the speed and low latency of 5G technology, positioning Ucom as a leader in telecommunications advancements. It also positions Nokia to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

Nokia is well-positioned for the ongoing technology cycle, given the strength of its end-to-end portfolio. Its installed base of high-capacity AirScale products, which enables customers to upgrade to 5G quickly, is growing fast. It is driving the transition of global enterprises into smart virtual networks by creating a single network for all services, converging mobile and fixed broadband, IP routing and optical networks with the software and services to manage them. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, it is transforming the way people and things communicate and connect.

The company aims to create new business and licensing opportunities in the consumer ecosystem. It facilitates customers to move away from an economy-of-scale network operating model to demand-driven operations by offering easy programmability and flexible automation required to support dynamic operations, reduce complexity and improve efficiency. It seeks to expand its business into targeted, high-growth and high-margin vertical markets to address growth opportunities beyond its traditional primary markets.

The stock has lost 23.3% in the past year against the industry’s growth of 5%.

Image Source: Zacks Investment Research

Nokia carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) currently. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET Free Report) , carrying a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), is likely to benefit from strong momentum and diversification across its top verticals and product lines. The company has a software-driven, data-centric approach to help customers build their cloud architecture and enhance their cloud experience. Arista has a long-term earnings growth expectation of 19.8% and delivered an earnings surprise of 12%, on average, in the trailing four quarters.

It holds a leadership position in 100-gigabit Ethernet switching share in port for the high-speed datacenter segment. Arista is increasingly gaining market traction in 200- and 400-gig high-performance switching products and remains well-positioned for healthy growth in data-driven cloud networking business with proactive platforms and predictive operations.

Headquartered in Wilmington, DE, InterDigital, Inc. (IDCC Free Report) is a pioneer in advanced mobile technologies that enable wireless communications and capabilities. The company engages in designing and developing a wide range of advanced technology solutions, which are used in digital cellular as well as wireless 3G, 4G and IEEE 802-related products and networks.

This Zacks Rank #2 stock has a long-term earnings growth expectation of 17.4% and has surged 75.3% in the past year. A well-established global footprint, diversified product portfolio and ability to penetrate different markets are key growth drivers for InterDigital. The addition of technologies related to sensors, user interface and video to its already strong portfolio of wireless technology solutions is likely to drive considerable value, given the massive size of the market it offers licensing technologies to.

Ubiquiti Inc. (UI Free Report) , carrying a Zacks Rank #2 at present, is a key pick in the broader industry. Headquartered in New York, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of networking products and solutions for service providers and enterprises at disruptive prices.

It boasts a proprietary network communication platform that is well-equipped to meet end-market customer needs. In addition, it is committed to reducing operational costs by using a self-sustaining mechanism for rapid product support and dissemination of information by leveraging the strength of the Ubiquiti Community.

Disclaimer: This article has been written with the assistance of Generative AI. However, the author has reviewed, revised, supplemented, and rewritten parts of this content to ensure its originality and the precision of the incorporated information.

European Council President welcomes Baku’s commitment to restart the Brussels process

 20:31, 8 February 2024

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 8, ARMENPRESS. European Council President Charles Michel has welcomed Azerbaijan's commitment to resume the Brussels process trilateral meeting to advance a stable and prosperous South Caucasus.

 Michel said in a post on X, congratulating Aliyev on his re-election as president.

 In his post, he underlined the importance of the continuity of Azerbaijan's cooperation with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

 The President of the Council of Europe informed that with Aliyev they had substantive discussions regarding the Armenia-Azerbaijan settlement, welcoming his commitment to resume meetings in the Brussels trilateral format.

Asbarez: Aliyev Casts Ballot in Occupied Stepanakert

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan cast his ballot for his re-election during Wednesday snap polls in Stepanakert, the capital of occupied Artsakh.

Aliyev announced the snap election after the September attack in Artsakh, which saw the forced displacement of more than 100,000 Armenians who fled to Armenia.

He hailed Wednesday’s vote as the first elections to be held in the “entire territory” of Azerbaijan, with the country’s Central Electoral Commission reporting that 26 polling stations were established in occupied Artsakh.

As the polls closed at 7 p.m. local time, Aliyev was expected to be the “winner” of the election with more than 93 percent of the votes. This will secure the Azerbaijani despot another seven years at the helm of the country, which he and his father, Haydar, have been ruling for 30 years.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey did not wait until the official results and called to congratulate Aliyev on what he called “his decisive” victory. Erdogan also expressed hope that after the elections, a peace treaty with Armenia will be signed.

“The negotiations with Armenia, in which you have done a great job as a victorious leader, will also lead to the signing of a peace treaty,” Erdogan reportedly told Aliyev.

The press in Turkey also hailed Wednesday’s Azerbaijani elections as a “victory.”

Media outlets reported that more than 23,000 people cast ballots in the occupied city of Shushi.

The only international organization invited to monitor the elections was the OSCE. A member of that monitoring team, Swiss lawmaker Nik Gugger was arrested on Monday and later expelled from Azerbaijan for his previous criticism of the Baku regime.