Armenian Defense Ministry Investigates Alleged Ceasefire Violation at Kapan-Zangelan Border

Feb 12 2024
Rizwan Shah
In an unexpected turn of events, the Armenian Defense Ministry is delving into the alleged opening of fire by Armenian guards on the Kapan-Zangelan section of the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border on . The incident reportedly occurred despite written orders that outline the specific conditions under which a serviceman can make a decision to open fire.

The Armenian Defense Ministry has taken a firm stance following the allegations of a ceasefire violation at the Kapan-Zangelan border section. In a statement released today, the Ministry underscored the existence of written orders from superior commanders, detailing the circumstances under which a serviceman can or must open fire. Preliminary findings suggest that no such situation occurred in the area on February 12.

Should the investigation confirm that orders were violated, the Defense Ministry has vowed to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. This commitment to upholding the rules of engagement reflects the Ministry's dedication to maintaining the integrity of its forces and preserving regional stability.

As the investigation unfolds, the potential repercussions of this incident loom large. The delicate balance of power between Armenia and Azerbaijan remains a focal point of international concern. With tensions simmering beneath the surface, any violation of the ceasefire agreement could have far-reaching consequences for both nations and the broader region.


As the Armenian Defense Ministry continues its investigation, the world watches closely, hoping for a swift resolution that upholds the principles of accountability and transparency. The outcome of this investigation will serve as a critical reminder of the importance of adhering to rules of engagement and maintaining stability in a volatile region.

In the end, it is essential to remember that the true cost of any conflict lies not in the boundaries drawn on maps, but in the lives affected by the decisions made by those in power. As journalists, we must strive to uncover the human stories behind the headlines, revealing the complex tapestry of motivations, histories, and potential futures that shape our world.