Sports: FIFA’s Infantino reaffirms determination to contribute to the prosperity of football in Armenia

Public Radio of Armenia
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FIFA President Gianni Infantio has reaffirmed determination to promoting the prosperity of football in Armenia.

In a letter to the President of the Football Federation of Armenia Armen Melikbekyan, Infantino expressed gratitude for the cordial welcome and warm hospitality during a recent visit to Armenia. He thanked for making their stay “so special on the occasion of our visit to Armenia last Wednesday, for the FFA 30th Anniversary’s celebrations.”

“First of all, please allow me to reiterate my heartfelt congratulations on this historic milestone and pay tribute to all those who keep our sport alive and ensure its prosperity in Armenia, and to all those who have contributed and continue to contribute to this invaluable legacy,,” the FIFA President said.

“During our visit, we have shared important moments. The audience with H.E. Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, the exciting match at Tsovagyugh Village, and the memorable FFA 30th Anniversary Gala dinner were certainly some of the highlights. All these moments shared together offered us the opportunity to exchange our ideas and vision of football and to express FIFA’s support for the development of football in your country. No doubt that the mini-fields project will greatly contribute to it,” he added.

He assured that “this visit has reinforced our determination to work together for the prosperity of football and the community in Armenia, and you can always count on FIFA’s support for this.”

Armenpress receives letter of gratitude for the cooperation with Orion

ARMENPRESS receives letter of gratitude for the cooperation with Orion




YERERVAN, JUNE 22, ARMENPRESS. The Orion Summit 2022 in Yerevan ended with granting letters of gratitude to colleagues.

ARMENPRESS reports Orion handed letters of gratitude to the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, the American University of Armenia, the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology, the Angel Investors Club of Armenian, and other organizations.

ARMENPRESS state news agency received a letter of gratitude for its contribution to the growth of the Armenian startup ecosystem and for its cooperation with Orion Worldwide Innovations. The Public Television and also received letters of gratitude.

The Orion Summit 2022 was held in Yerevan on June 22. Orion Summit 2022 is a one-of-a-kind international event bringing together globally recognized professionals from different industries, venture capitals, and Angel Investors.

Established in 2017 in the USA, Orion has offices in New York and Yerevan. Orion’s business activities include assistance in fundraising, designing go-to-market strategy, obtaining IP protection and acquiring businesses and IP intellectual assets to extract commercial value.

The new Digital Julfa Network initiative was introduced during the Summit. New Julfa 300+ year old Armenian merchants' powerful network was running trade from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean region. Digital Julfa is its evolution at a global level, with innovation being the key driver.

Vardevanyan: Criminal proceedings should be initiated against Gagik Jhangiryan
Armenia –

Criminal proceedings should be initiated against Gagik Jhangiryan, MP from "Armenia" bloc Aram Vardevanyan said on his Facebook page.

He particularly noted:

"From a legal point of view, there are several undeniable starting points regarding the SJC-Jhangiryan situation. Having a number of subjective observations, we will limit ourselves to objective ones:

1)Criminal proceedings should be initiated against Gagik Jhangiryan;

2) Gagik Jhangiryan cannot participate in the consideration of disciplinary proceedings against Ruben Vardazaryan, including in terms of making a decision. Given the first circumstance, Jhangiryan's powers should inevitably be suspended, and this will extend to all proceedings;

3) the reputation of the judicial system, especially the SJC, and the legitimacy of the 2021 elections are irreversibly damaged".

BarCamp Yerevan 2022 tech and media event launched





YEREVAN, JUNE 18, ARMENPRESS. in Armenia’s capital on June 18. 

The event aimed at exchange of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as creation of new ties in IT industry. 

One of the organizers of BarCamp Artur Papyan said that the event is organized completely on a voluntary basis. “It is created for developing the IT and media community, sharing with knowledge. The greatest feature is that there is no formal part”, he said.

BarCamp is being held in Armenia sine 2009. It became one of the largest tech and media event,s further expanding every year. Last year it was held also in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Goris and Dilijan towns. 

The organizers said that this event differs from other events in a sense that it is informal, is simplier and the entrance is free of charge for everyone. If, for example, you don’t like a presentation, you can leave it freely.

“People, who like to communicate and want to transfer their knowledge, come here. The speakers are not paid, and the organizers are working on a voluntary basis”, co-founder and marketing manager at Zoomerang app, which is the partner of the event, Arman Manukyan said, adding that here everyone is free to do what he/she wants.

This year the organizers also invited international speakers. There will be speeches on medical technologies.

The event won’t be broadcast live. 

Science, education and economy are interconnected. Patapoutian formulated his formula for Armenia’s bright future




YEREVAN, JUNE 17, ARMENPRESS. Science, education and economy are interconnected, they guarantee a brighter future for Armenia, as a result of his visit to Armenia, the famous Armenian scientist, Nobel Prize winner Ardem Patapoutian came to this conclusion.

"At first I was surprised why the Ministry of Economy invited scientists to Armenia. But now, thinking more about it, I realized that science, education and the economy are interconnected to make sure that the future path of Armenia is bright," ARMENPRESS reports, he said.

Photos by Mkhitar Khachatryan

Patapoutian thanked the ministry for making him part of this interesting initiative "Science-Business Days-2022" event.

Referring to the prospects for the development of science in Armenia, the Nobel Prize winner emphasizes his visit to Synopsys, he is also aware of many high-tech companies operating in the country.

"This is a great example of how they help educate the people who need to be hired, it helps science and technology, as well as young scientists, to find work after graduation. So what I saw here was very impressive. I think this is the basis for creating other forms of this kind of cooperation. Science, technology, Synopsys and other companies will help the economy," the scientist added.

Patapoutian is convinced that as long as this effective and smart strategy continues, the future will be very bright.

He singled out some of his visits and meetings in Armenia. "Visiting Tsitsernakaberd was such an emotional moment for me. Another important event was the meeting with Prime Minister Pashinyan."

The famous scientist was also impressed by the visit to Martiros Saryan's house-museum.

The Nobel laureate is excited about the future of the country, he has already decided how to cooperate with his Armenian colleagues.

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Anna Grigoryan

Asbarez: Board of Regents Deplores Attacks on Armenian Schools’ Integrity, Commitment to Homeland

Board of Regents of Prelacy Armenian Schools

The Board of Regents of Prelacy Armenian schools issued an announcement on Monday deploring recent attacks on different Armenian schools and their administration by individuals who are questioning the schools’ commitment to the homeland and the Armenian Cause.

Below is the text of the announcement.

The Armenian nation has been in crisis for the past year, especially after the end of the 44-day Artsakh war.

We are disappointed that the commitment of Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools to our homeland and our cause are being questioned, during a time when our nation is facing so many challenges.

The Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools have not veered from our mission to serve our homeland and will always stand with the people of Armenia and Artsakh. We condemn any attempt in fabricating and distorting the facts about our past and present commitment to our national goals.

Since 1964, this institution has wholeheartedly served the educational needs of our children and our community. Through its service and with the commitment and sacrifice of so many teachers and administrators, the Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools have been able to serve Armenia and Artsakh, while preserving our culture, history, heritage and language.

We want to reassure our community that the Prelacy Armenian Schools, to this day, continue to support and assist Artsakh. In April 2022, in order for us to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Artsakh and Armenia, we advised all Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools to raise the flag of the Republic of Artsakh on our campuses and called on all our administrators to continue their support of the people of Artsakh to make sure we all do our part in their struggle for self-determination and independence. Furthermore, our latest initiative has been to partner with Schools in Artsakh who are in dire need of resources and assistance. Over the past few months, we have been in constant contact and have held virtual meetings with School administrators in Artsakh to provide any assistance needed to ensure that they are able to serve the educational needs of the young generations in Artsakh.

We call upon all those questioning our commitment to our homeland to cease from spreading misinformation to our youth and community, which only causes unnecessary conflicts. The Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools is an educational institution that has gone above and beyond to preserve the core values of national identity.

Our record and dedication to our homeland, Artsakh and our cause are well-established and the Board of Regents will not allow futile conflicts to slither their way into the Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools. Our schools have a sacred mission which must be valued and collectively protected.

We urge our administrators, teachers and staff to continue selflessly serving our noble mission and we thank all our parents for believing in our mission and entrusting their children’s education to the Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools.

Board of Regents
Prelacy Armenian Schools

EANA, the big family of news agencies, highlights cooperation and empowerment of its members




YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS. The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) is a good platform of cooperation, opportunities and exchange of experience. More than 30 news agencies around the world are members of this organization.

EANA Secretary General, Alexandru Giboi, and EANA Board Member, CEO of PA Media Group, Clive Marshall, visited Armenpress on June 13.

Speaking about their visit to Armenia, Clive Marshall said they are in Armenia to meet with the people from Armenpress and also with the general media, in order to progress the application that has been made by Armenpress to join EANA. “We had very interesting two-days learning more about the country, its history and its media”, he said.

Presenting the main mission of their organization, the EANA Secretary General stated: “The main goal is to actually create an environment of cooperation and insight sharing for the members. It’s an environment out of which each member can draw something useful for the evolution of the agency that they represent”.

EANA attaches great importance to the cooperation and empowerment of its members. He says that the core values that they represent are those of journalism, which they see as lying at the basis of the democratic societies. “So we try to empower our members to become the flag-bearers of these journalistic values to the, let’s say, larger goal of improving the democratic societies in which they function”, he noted.

Clive Marshall in turn stresses the necessity of news agencies to be “independent, impartial, balanced and perhaps most importantly in today’s world, in digital media, to be trustworthy, so that people, that are consuming news agency content, can trust that content and know that it comes as a reliable source”.

As for the their expansion plans, Alexandru Giboi said their organization became more digital because of COVID-19, adding that they are looking towards engaging a lot more with the stakeholder environment. “Personally I think that increasing connections in Europe of course, among various sectors, not only the media sector, the technology sector, consultancy, everything should be one of the keys to the evolution of EANA, and our members, of course. So in the future, I think, the cooperation is key”, the EANA Secretary General said.

Clive Marshall notes: “I think from the perspective of my news agency, the PA Media Group in London, it’s important that we are in a position to transfer our experience and skills to some of the small members of our organization”. He says that if the membership application of Armenpress succeeds, they can exchange information and knowledge that can help Armenpress develop and grow, which according to him, is good for Armenia, is good for the news agency and the consumers of the news content as well. Clive Marshall informed that they have discussed this issue with Director of Armenpress Narine Nazaryan.

As for the opportunities provided by EANA, the Secretary General said they are huge. “First of all, first and foremost, and I am saying this as Secretary General of EANA and also as a former director of a news agency which is member of EANA, and that is Agerpres Romania. You, as a member, benefit from the huge level of insight which is, actually, granted by the diverse membership that we have. Interaction, networking, access to ideas is one of the most important gains for a member agency, in my opinion. They are not, let’s say, in a way isolated anymore. They are part of this big family which we are. And we help our members anyway possible”, he added.

Clive Marshall highlighted the friendship and the community of the organization. He says that one of the greatest benefits of the organization is that it is possible to meet around 30 news agency heads, share experiences, concerns and opportunities.

EANA members are such news agencies as Agence France Presse (France), Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA, Italy), BTA (Bulgaria), Agerpres (Romania), CAN (Cyprus), EFE (Spain), the news agencies of Andorra, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Denmark and other countries.

Scottish football fans impressed with Yerevan




YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS. Scottish football fans arrived in Yerevan to watch the UEFA Nations League B league Group 1 match between Armenia and Scotland on June 14.

Speaking to ARMENPRESS, they said they are very impressed with the Armenian capital, called Armenia a very beautiful country, and its people – friendly and hospitable.

“Our expectations on Armenians are exceeded. We didn’t believe that the locals would be so hospitable and warm to us. Everyone shows positive attitude to us”, football fan Alan Mckillop said.

The Scottish tourists said they haven’t managed to see a lot in Armenia, but plan to visit some beautiful sites before the start of the match.

“We are going to tour around Yerevan’s Opera Theater. As we do not have enough time to see all the beautiful sites, we decided to visit the interesting structures and institutions that we will meet along the way”, Paul Doherty said.

The Scottish football fans believe that their national team will win this match. They say if their team wins, they will celebrate the victory with an Armenian beer.



One of the reasons of visiting Armenia is to get acquainted with developments in science field – Ardem Patapoutian




YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS. Armenian-American molecular biologist, neuroscientist, and Nobel Prize laureate Ardem Patapoutian visited the Yerevan State Medical University’s “COBRAIN” Scientific-Educational Center for Fundamental Brain Research where he planted the seed of the plant from which he obtained the well-known molecule.

After touring the Center, Ardem Patapoutian delivered a lecture on “How do you feel? The molecules that sense touch” topic in the Yerevan State Medical University.

“One of the reasons of my visit to Armenia is to get acquainted with the developments in Armenia’s science sector. I expect to lay a foundation for a new cooperation. The government tries to increase the funding for science, research, which is one of the first key steps for the development of the sector. I hope that the young students, after seeing my example, will try to achieve better results”, he said.

YSMU Rector Armen Muradyan said that their cooperation with Mr. Patapoutian started back in 2016 when he delivered his first lecture on perception of touch.

 Ardem Patapoutian received a Nobel Prize for the discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.

Armenia, Bulgaria sign 2022-2025 cooperation program in sphere of culture




YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan and Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture Atanas Atanasov signed a cooperation plan on June 14, the Armenian MFA said in a statement.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan and the Minister of Culture of Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov signed the 2022-2025 cooperation program in the sphere of culture between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia and the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria”, the statement says.