Azerbaijani Press: Media: Weapons and ammunition purchased by Armenia do not meet quality standards

Report, Azerbaijan
Feb 15 2024

The weapons, ammunition and equipment purchased by Armenia from India, France and other countries do not meet quality standards, Report informs referring to the Armenian publication “Past.”

“The radar devices purchased from France do not meet the requirements, and the French side does not sell missiles to Armenia designed to destroy targets detected by these devices. As for military vehicles purchased in France, their low quality has been mentioned more than once, which is also evidenced by refusal of the Ukrainian side to supply them,” reads the article.

As for the purchase of weapons and ammunition from India, according to military experts, the Armenian army lacks the experience and necessary skills to operate them.

The leader of the All-Armenian Front movement, former Defense Minister Arshak Karapetyan, recently spoke about the low quality of weapons supplied from these countries. He said that a number of contracts he signed for the purchase of weapons have already been canceled by the current authorities. This includes a contract with Serbia for the purchase of weapons and ammunition worth several hundred million dollars.

Thus, the publication notes that the recent statement by the current Minister of Defense of Armenia Suren Papikyan that the army is provided with the necessary weapons through purchases from India, France and other countries is an attempt to mislead the Armenian society.

“He is trying to impress the Armenian society with such statements that the army is allegedly arming itself with modern weapons and ammunition by refusing Russian supplies,” the article says.