Network ready for the transition to 5G and qualitatively new television: Ucom signed cooperation agreements


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 12, ARMENPRESS. Ucom has signed cooperation agreements with Nokia and Mediakind companies in Yerevan in order to provide qualitatively new television and modern coverage of 5G services using the latest technologies.

The agreements were signed by  Ucom Director General Ralph Yirikian,  Nokia's Vice President of Mobile Networks, Europe Peter Wukowits and MediaKind VP of Sales in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific Viet Nguyen Cao.

“The company "Ucom" has signed an agreement with Nokia to upgrade and broaden the mobile network in preparation for the delivery of 5G-ready services in all Armenia. Furthermore, Nokia will enhance the core infrastructure of Ucom's fixed and mobile networks. This includes the deployment of a new high-bandwidth IP transport network designed to elevate the user experience for both mobile and fixed services. This enhancement will result in increased data transfer speed and capacity.

All of this is the result of nearly one year of consistent work and represents a significant achievement for the company. Ucom heralds a new beginning. A new future in the field of telecommunications is on the horizon, promoting technological competition. We are pleased to announce the construction of a 5G network that will bring unique quality to our subscribers. We will start the work from the regions," said Ralph Yirikian.

Through collaboration with MediaKind, Ucom is set to introduce a technologically advanced TV platform, extending beyond its current IP TV network. This expansion promises a wholly new and enhanced experience for both home and mobile subscribers.

Minister of High-Tech Industry  of Armenia Mkhitar Hayrapetyan emphasized the cooperation between Nokia, Mediakind and Ucom companies in terms of network modernization and service improvement, which will enhance the availability of mobile communication and contribute to the speed and bandwidth of data transfer. According to him, this cooperation will provide Armenia with new opportunities and perspectives.

“Resources, ideas, energy and effort should not be spared if we want to be competitive in the field of telecommunications. In this context, I want to assure all of you that the state supports all the initiatives, centered around ambition, determination, and a commitment to shaping the future," said the minister.

Viet Nguyen Cao also emphasized the importance of the cooperation, stressing that the best experience in the field of television will be brought to Armenia within the framework of the program. Peter Wukowits  noted that the importance of the cooperation is the digitalization and improving the quality of people's lives through digitalization, providing new opportunities.

Emil Lazarian

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