Armenian Party Chairman Advocates for BRICS Integration Amidst National Challenges

Jan 16 2024

In a recent statement, Amram Petrosyan, the chairman of the Armenian Fortress Party, has underlined the necessity of Armenia’s active engagement in international integration projects. His focus lies particularly on the potential benefits of joining organizations like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Petrosyan has articulated that such an engagement could prove vital for Armenia’s development and success in the 21st century. This comes at a time when the nation has been grappling with various challenges, both internally and externally. According to Petrosyan, Armenia’s integration into BRICS would not only elevate its status as an international player but also open doors to new alliances and economic advantages.

BRICS, an association of five major emerging national economies, has been viewed as a significant platform for fostering economic growth and cooperation among its members. Petrosyan emphasizes that these countries are receptive to new members. He believes that the inclusion of additional states could result in the alliance representing a substantial chunk of the world’s GDP and population.

Petrosyan’s statements underline his firm belief in the strategic importance of international cooperation for Armenia’s future. Joining an organization like BRICS could provide Armenia with opportunities for economic growth, increased international recognition, and the ability to form strategic alliances. This, according to Petrosyan, is a path that Armenia should consider for its journey towards national development and international success.