Russia and Armenia Strengthen Ties: An Interview with Ambassador Sergey Kopyrkin

Dec 22 2023

In a recent interview, the Russian Ambassador to Armenia, Sergey Kopyrkin, shed light on the evolving bilateral ties between Russia and Armenia. Kopyrkin stated that the majority of contracts concerning military-technical cooperation between the two nations have been successfully fulfilled in a timely and quality manner. Furthermore, he revealed that discussions are underway regarding new agreements in the same field.

Russia and Armenia have been consistently nurturing their strategic partnership, focusing on shared interests and mutual benefits. Kopyrkin underscored their shared commitment to bolstering and expanding their interaction across multifarious sectors. The ambassador also highlighted the importance of maintaining an intensive dialogue, crucial for the resolution of any potential issues.

Despite Armenia’s conspicuous absence from the meetings of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Kopyrkin confirmed that Armenia does not intend to leave the organization. He stressed that the question of Armenia’s withdrawal from the CSTO is not currently on the agenda.

On the topic of Armenia’s potential accession to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Kopyrkin expressed Russia’s stance, suggesting that such a move would not be in Armenia’s best interests.

Lastly, the ambassador disclosed that Russia and Armenia have established operational communication channels to handle media issues on each other’s territories. This development is a significant step towards strengthening diplomatic ties and facilitating transparent communication between the two nations.

Emil Lazarian

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