PM Pashinyan highlights science and education in strategic planning of Armenia’s future


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS. Armenia has accumulated scientific potential and it’s time for the government to make serious investments in science, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said.

Speaking at a ceremony celebrating the 80th anniversary of founding of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), PM Pashinyan emphasized the important role of supporting science given that the government has been continuously increasing science funding since 2019.

The government increased science funding by 151% in 2023 compared to 2018, and in 2024 the funding will grow by 181%.

Mentioning the salary increase in the sector, the PM said that in 2022-2023 the number of persons engaged in science grew by 296, most of whom are scientists below the age of 55.

“The glorious legacy of the NAS is viewed not just as a fact, but a necessary and highly important asset to make strategic investments in the future. Today, many active scientists in Armenia have concrete contributions in modern scientific achievements by being involved in international scientific teams, but their work isn’t sufficiently covered. But the society must know all renowned scientists involved in breakthrough achievements,” the Prime Minister said in his speech at the event.

He said that the government is investing in science not just for the scientists, but for Armenia’s future, because the government sees the country’s progress in serious scientific development and reforms.

“It’s impossible to envision Armenia’s future without a developed scientific-educational sector, and it is science and education where we see the strategic planning and guarantee of our country’s future,” the Prime Minister said, noting the project on creating the Academic City.