Azerbaijan does everything to avoid signing peace treaty with Armenia, warns lawmaker


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS. Azerbaijan is doing everything to avoid signing a peace treaty with Armenia, Armenian Member of Parliament Armen Khachatryan has warned.

“Yes, Azerbaijan has a negative disposition, perhaps Azerbaijan isn’t interested in a peace treaty. Azerbaijan understands that a result [of a peace treaty] Armenia’s economy could grow rapidly, and there could be serious prospects for Armenia’s development. They study this very well and they draw conclusions. Naturally, they aren’t too excited over Armenia having such a prospect. Today we see that Azerbaijan is doing everything in order to avoid signing a peace treaty or signing the kind of treaty that would be clearly guaranteed. Even if it’s signed, Azerbaijan is now doing everything in order for it to be at least like the November 9 document, to be able to breach all terms, which we have witnessed and which we will not allow. But this isn’t up to Azerbaijan, there is the international community, the West, there are many countries, and of course today there is a lot of diplomatic pressure on Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan must be brought to the constructive field,” Khachatryan told reporters.