Chess: Levon Aronian disappointed in FIDE over scrapping of presidential term limit

SportStar – The Hindu, India
Dec 18 2023

Published : Dec 18, 2023 21:48 IST , CHENNAI 


The World chess federation’s (FIDE’s) approval of a motion to scrap the presidential term limit in its annual general assembly on Sunday has met with disappointment from the Armenia-born chess great, Grand Master Levon Aronian.

Previously, the president had to step down after two four-year terms in power.

Expressing his disapproval of and disappointment at the decision, Aronian said at the Chennai Grand Masters Chess Championship on Monday, “I think generally it doesn’t matter what kind of governance, serving more than two terms always leads to trouble. Leadership is something that is very infectious and it is something you want to do forever. No matter how good of a leader you are, you are going to eventually start developing those birth traits that belong to all of the leaders that stay there for too long. So, it’s my personal opinion. I think when you make such decisions, a lot of the good things that you do get undone. Because now you are perceived as an usurpator of the position. I don’t like that decision. And I’m disappointed in FIDE.

Emil Lazarian

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