Estonia accuses Russia of facilitating illegal border crossings


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 16, ARMENPRESS. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Estonia on Thursday launched a pointed accusation against Russia, alleging a failure to detain illegal migrants at its borders. The incident sparking this contention involved eight Somali citizens attempting to circumnavigate immigration control, attempting to enter Estonia via Narva, BNN reports.

According to the source, previously, similar tensions have been observed in the north, where Finland accused Russia of maneuvering asylum seekers to its border. 
Finland is set to close half of its border crossings with Russia on Friday night, accusing Moscow of encouraging undocumented migrants to head for border checkpoints and claim asylum. 

Speaking at a press conference in Helsinki, Interior Minister Mari Rantanen said the four border crossings will stay closed until 18 February, while asylum applications are centralized at two other locations, Euronews reports.