Armenia discusses the notion of becoming a non-bloc state

Armenia – Nov 11 2023

TASS reports that speaking at the “Strategic Future of Armenia” forum in Brussels on November 10, Armen Grigoryan said:


“In Armenia, of course, there is a European integration notion, but there is also the notion of becoming a non-bloc state. We listen to civil society and try to grasp what tools can provide the best conditions for security, peace and development for Armenia and the region.”


At the same time, according to another TASS report, Armen Grigoryan said that “Armenia has never had such an intensive dialogue on the security matters with the West and Europe.”


“We hope to deepen cooperation in security sector with the collective West and separate countries. By the security sector, I mean not only the military component – economic cooperation may also have a security component. Armenia is ready for this, we have shown the will to move forward,” he noted.