Armenpress: Armenian Human Right Defender receives French MP Anne-Laurence Petel


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 27, ARMENPRESS. On October 27, Human Rights Defender of Armenia Ms. Anahit Manasyan received the member of the French National Assembly and co-chair of the France-Armenia friendship group Anne-Laurence Petel and the head of the Armenia-France friendship group of the Armenian Parliament, the chairman of the standing committee on state-legal issues, Vladimir Vardanyan.

At the meeting, Anahit Manasyan presented the issues related to the protection of the rights of people of Nagorno- Karabakh forcibly displaced as a result of the Azerbaijani aggression, which were recorded as a result of the fact-finding activities.

The Defender specifically referred to the policy of ethnic cleansing carried out against the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as other cases of torture, mutilation, and ill-treatment by the Azerbaijani forces prohibited by the international law.

The mentioned information was included in the extraordinary report of the Human Rights Defender, which was the first to be presented by the Defender to international organizations and actors with a mandate to protect human rights.

Anne-Laurence Petel and Vladimir Vardanyan expressed their gratitude for the reception and emphasized the role of the Human Rights Defender's institution in the implementation of the high mission of human rights protection.

Emil Lazarian

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