Armenpress: Czech businessmen to visit Armenia to study cooperation opportunities




YEREVAN, MAY 24, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian-Czech relations are on a high level and the recent trip by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s delegation to the Czech Republic was an additional opportunity to present investment possibilities.

“We comprehensively presented to Czech businessmen Armenia’s investment opportunities, the modernized programs, and the Armenian businesses were able to find partners,” Deputy Minister of Economy Narek Teryan, who was a member of the delegation, told ARMENPRESS.

The Armenia-Czech Republic Intergovernmental Economic Conference and a Business Forum were held in Prague during the Armenian PM’s visit in early May.

“Our relations with the Czech Republic are rapidly developing. Trade turnover volume grew last year. This trend is maintained this year as well. These events are a good foundation for our businessmen to be able to communicate with Czech businessmen and find new directions of cooperation,” Teryan added.

The Armenian and Czech businesses reached partnership agreements during their meetings.

Cooperation opportunities are being outlined in light aircraft production, textile and renewable energy.

Czech businessmen will soon visit Armenia to study opportunities for partnership and production.

“Czech businessmen will visit Armenia. As it was mentioned before, a Czech company is interested in light aircraft production in Armenia. The production is planned to take place in Lori province. The production pertains to small aircraft with up to 6 seats,” the deputy minister added, noting that the Czech businesses are also interested in solar panel production.

Teryan attached importance to foreign investments for economic development of the country and said that the government is contributing to the improvement of the investment environment through various programs and events.

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