Senior MP warns Azerbaijan of counterblow in the event of encroachment




YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. A senior lawmaker on April 14 praised the Armenian military for successfully repelling the Azerbaijani attack on April 11 near Tegh village and added that an internal investigation will be conducted into possible shortcomings in their actions, as noted by PM Pashinyan during the latest Cabinet meeting.

“The Prime Minister’s instructions can’t go unfilled. But shortcomings could happen. And we will be consistent in revealing them and bringing those guilty to account,” MP Andranik Kocharyan, the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security Affairs said at a press briefing.

PM Nikol Pashinyan had said that they had predicted a potential Azeri provocation and relevant orders were issued to officials in charge in the event of such scenario. Pashinyan said, however, that the implementation of these orders was a failure.

Kocharyan said that yesterday’s closed meeting in parliament with the top brass sought to rule out such situations in the future.

“The Armenian Armed Forces gave a counterblow, and if our military didn’t act the way it did the Azerbaijani forces would’ve penetrated far deeper,” Kocharyan said, highlighting that the military’s capabilities must be on a level allowing it to fulfill its objectives. “What’s ours is ours, if the adversary is to make a further encroachment it should know that it will get a response. And here, the existence or non-existence of government instructions don’t matter, because the military must fulfill its objectives without instructions as well,” Kocharyan said.

He said an internal investigation will take place in the National Security Service, and if needed also in the military.

“The situation became clearer after yesterday’s discussion, the military fulfilled its objectives, we suffered casualties, but we stopped the adversary’s provocations,” he added.