Draft national strategy in fighting disinformation put into public debate



 14:19, 6 July 2022

YEREVAN, JULY 6, ARMENPRESS. The Freedom of Information Center of Armenia and the Center of Public Relations and Information of the Office of the Prime Minister jointly organized a public discussion today over the draft national strategy of the fight against disinformation.

The strategy aims at ensuring the government’s proper response to disinformation, by preventing, reducing and eliminating the disinformation risks.

President of the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia Shushan Doydoyan said they have identified three main priority directions for this purpose. The first direction is to strengthen the capacity of the institutes of Armenia to prevent, find, respond to and analyze disinformation.

The second direction is to improve the mutual partnership and mobilize the private sector.

“We gave a big role to the private business, especially the companies operating in IT industry which could play a major role in using artificial intelligence and creating innovative tools. These could help both the government and the citizens to quickly find fake news and resist them”, she said.

And the third direction is to raise the level of education on media freedoms and media literacy.

“This draft has been developed for a two-year period, and we are confident that when we sum up the results in two years, we will be able to proudly record that it really left some impact in our country”, Shushan Doydoyan said.

Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Office Arayik Harutyunyan said that nowadays disinformation is a biggest challenge, and all countries are facing this problem. “I welcome the creation of the single platform and I think that engagement of civil society in all reforms and all strategies only gives benefit and further improves the strategy”, he said.

Director of the Center of Public Relations and Information at the PM’s Office Gor Tsarukyan thanked everyone for joining this initiative. “I am sure that together we can develop practical and effective tools, strategy that will help to register progress in this field in the next 1-2 years”, he said.