Statue of "the best Armenian athlete of the 20th century" Albert Azaryan to be erected in Yerevan

Panorama, Armenia
Oct 26 2021

The council of elders of Yerevan, the self-government body of the capital city, approved on Tuesday a decision to erect a monument to the legendary Armenian gymnast Albert Azaryan. The statue will be put near the Youth's School of Gymnastics of Olympic Reserve after Albert Azaryan in downtown Yerevan. The relevant proposal had been submitted by National Olympic Committee of Armenia. 

To note, Albert Azaryan is the 1956 and 1960 Olympic Champion on the still rings. Azaryan is the first gymnast to become an Olympic Champion in Rings twice. During the gymnastics competitions held in Leningrad in 1953, Albert Azaryan carried out his most famous trick on the rings called “Azarian Cross.” The exercise could almost lead him to be disqualified, however later the same tick paved him a way to the USSR team. 

Throughout his career, Azaryan has won 42 gold, 42 silver and 10 bronze medals and became USSR champion for 11 times. Azaryan was voted the top Armenian athlete of the 20th century by journalists from the Armenian Federation of Sport Journalists. 

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