Expert: Armenia’s territory was about 1,500 sq km larger in 1928 map of Soviet Union

Panorama, Armenia
Oct 25 2021

Armenian expert on Iran Vardan Voskanyan shared a map of the Soviet Union showing that Armenia had approximately 1,500 square kilometers more territory.

"It is interesting that in the 1928 Atlas of the USSR, the territory of Armenia was approximately 1,500 square kilometers larger, while the territory of Azerbaijan was almost as much smaller than during the collapse of the Soviet Union,” he wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

“That is, only in 1928-1991, an area comparable to today's Vayots Dzor Province was torn away from Armenia.

“Incidentally, at the time the map was drawn, Soviet Armenia had a border with Iran not only in the Meghri section, but also in Yeraskhavan,” Voskanyan said.

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