Political scientist: Azerbaijani media ‘enthusiastically’ quoting Nikol Pashinyan and Alen Simonyan

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 16 2021

POLITICS 13:13 16/09/2021 ARMENIA

Azerbaijani media outlets are eagerly citing the latest statements of the Armenian leaders, particularly Nikol Pashinyan and Alen Simonyan, political scientist Gagik Hambaryan said on Facebook on Wednesday, sharing some images of the Azeri news headlines.

“The Azerbaijani media are actively citing the "gibberish" talked by Nikol Landless in the National Assembly of Armenia on Thursday that Vorotan is Eyvazli and the problems of Azerbaijanis with Iranian drivers passing along the Goris-Kapan road do not concern us,” he wrote.

“The Azerbaijani media has also reacted with great joy to the "whining" of National Assembly Speaker Alen Simonyan that the data of the Armenian ombudsman on the inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war being held in Azerbaijan were false.

“It turns out that the so-called statements of the Armenian leadership lie in Azerbaijan’s interests, as best evidenced by the active quotation of Nikol and Alen by Aliyev-controlled media,” the expert said.

In Hambaryan’s words, it is not ruled out that those statements could be used by Baku against Armenia in international instances and organizations when spreading lies.

He recalled that just a year ago, some members of Pashinyan's My Step bloc “blatantly” accused the opposition of being quoted by the Azerbaijani media.

“You bastards and traitors, you have nothing to say now, when your leaders have become the most quoted heroes of the Aliyev-controlled Armenophobic media and whose pearls of thought are in Azerbaijan’s national interests,” the expert said.

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