Artsakh military releases names of 193 more fallen soldiers

Panorama, Armenia

The Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Defense Army on Friday, April 16, released the names of 193 more Armenian servicemen killed repelling Azerbaijani attacks during the 2020 war.

Below is the list of the fallen soldiers:


Petrosyan K. Hovsep, born in 2000

Vardanyan R. Davit, born in 2001

Nanyan M. Kamo, born in 2002

Tilikyan D. Harutyun, born in 1998

Gharibyan V.Samvel, born in 2000

Sargsyan G Varuzhan, born in 2000

Simonyan A Karen, born in 2000

Reservist Sahakyan V. Tigran, born in 1990

Reservist Harutyunyan V. Davit, born in 1982

Reservist Grigoryan V. Gagik, born in 1969

Reservist Avagyan G. Aram, born in 1994

Reservist ԳGrigoryan F. Andranik, born in 1996

Reservist Tadevosyan K. Hayk, born in 1973

Reservist Grigoryan S. Erik, born in 1983

Reservist Gapoyan R. Garik, born in 1989

Reservist Grigoryan R. Boris, born in 1972



Davtyan S. Movies, born in 1991

Yeritsyan A. Narek, born in 2002

Isunts R. Gevorg, born in 2000

Avanesyan K. Artur, born in 1998

Antonyan N. Arman, born in 2000

Reservist Yedigaryan A. Hovhannes, born in 1974

Volunteer Yeghiazaryan Z. Paylak, born in 1995

Isakhanov R. Ashur, born in 2001

Volunteer Israyelyan A. Elvis, born in 1988

Reservist Khanumyan V. Tigran, born in 1972

Reservist Hakobyan D. Andranik, born in 1996

Harutyunyan M. Mnatsakan, born in 1995

Hovakimyan H. Garik, born in 2000

Volunteer Hakobyan Zh. Samvel, born in 1971

Volunteer Munchyan A. Ashot, born in 1951

Chakhalayan G. Garegin, born in 2001

Janikyan Kh.Arshavir, born in 2002

Reservist Avagyan G. Aram, born in 1994

Reservist Gevorgyan H. Robert, born in 1982

Melkonyan M. Karapet, born in 1997

Reservist Muradyan B. Sevan, born in 1983

Grigoryan A. Grigor, born in 2002

Reservist Petrosyan A. Hrant, born in 1992

Mikayelyan A. Valery, born in 1991

Balayan E. Nelson, born in 1980

Melkumyan A. Andrey, born in 1993

Mkrtchyan V. Mher, born in 1976

Abrahamyan E. Harut, born in 1989

Babayan R. Armen, born in 1974

Aghabekyan N. Roman, born in 1998

Gevorgyan V. Gevorg, born in 1990

Babayan L. Vrezh, born in 1987

Grigoryan S. Sasun, born in 1998

Arustamyan A. Ruben, born in 1990

Gasparyan S. Sarmen, born in 2001

Gharibyan A. Mher, born in 1990

Balayan S. Vilen, born in 2000

Babayan H. Andranik, born in 2002

Davtyan S. Arayik, born in 2001

Sargsyan S. Aren, born in 2001

Sahakyan S. Sergey, born in 2000

Baghryan S. Edik, born in 2000

Aghababyan S. Arman, born in 2001

Galstyan H. Aram, born in 2001

Mangasaryan A. Hayk, born in 2000

Simonyan H. Miasnik, born in 1989

Altunyan V. Saribek, born in 2001

Hurumyan M. Arayik, born in 1990

Khachatryan V. Arman, born in 1989

Muradyan R. Sergey, born in 1991

Martirosyan E. Sevak, born in 1990

Askaryan B. Genady, born in 1984

Aghajanyan A. Artur, born in 1992

Harutyunyan G. Davit, born in 2001

Aghajanyan Sh. Armen, born in 1977

Aleksanyan I. Sasun, born in 1992

Asryan M. Karen, born in 1982

Baghdasaryan P. Arkady, born in 1995

Beglaryan A. Mkhitar, born in 1990

Poghosyan V. Vardges, born in 1998

Baghdasaryan E. Zaven, born in 2000

Musayelyan S. Arsen, born in 1979

Ghukasyan B. Hakob, born in 2000

Khachatryan A. Harut, born in 1998

Sargsyan S. Aramayis, born in 1996

Hayrapetyan A. Sergey, born in 2001

Yesayan B. Armen, born in 1977

Baghdasaryan A. Artashes, born in 2000

Allahverdyan L. Gagik, born in 1976

Hambardzumyan M. Davit, born in 1998

Martirosyan R. Meruzhan, born in 1987

Abrahamyan V. Ashot, born in 1985

Sargsyan A. MAsis, born in 1981

Mirzoyan Y. Artak,  born in 2001

Balasyan V. Vitaly, born in 1979

Reservist Dadayan V. Arayik, born in 1982

Reservist Avagimyan P. Mkhitar, born in 1973

Reservist Sargsyan A. Zakar, born in 1996

Reservist Musayelyan R. Mher, born in 1977

Reservist Matevosyan A. Narek, born in 1998

Reservist Harutyunyan R. Anatoly, born in 1976

Reservist ՊPetrosyan A. Nelson, born in 2000

Reservist Sargsyan R. Narek, born in 1995

Reservist Martirosyan S. Martin, born in 1978

Reservist Baghiryan R. Artur, born in 1984

Reservist Asribabayan V. Davit, born in 1982

Reservist Harutyunyan K. Kamo, born in 1999

Reservist Grigoryan CH. Norayr, born in 1974

Reservist Arstamyan V. Varuzhan, born in 1974

Reservist Harutyunyan N. Ashot, born in 1982

Reservist Babayan Z. Igor,  born in 1973

Reservist Sargsyan K. Vladimir, born in 2000

Reservist ԱAsryan R. Mher, born in 1984

Reservist Ishkhanyan G. Artak, born in 1993

Reservist Dadamyan E. Arsen, born in 1981

Reservist Gasparyan S. Grisha, born in 1998

Reservist Javadyan G. Hrant, born in 1996

Reservist Gharibyan A. Ernest, born in 1963

Reservist Hakobyan R. Spartak, born in 1983

Reservist Avanesyan A. Vahagn, born in 1995

Reservist Sarukhanyan S. Davit, born in 1972

Reservist Martirosyan M. Armen, born in 1972

Reservist Hakobyan B. Nver, born in 1977

Reservist Garakyan B. Sasun, born in 1978

Reservist Avanesyan V. Andranik, born in 1991

Reservist Petrosyan B. Grigor, born in 1989

Reservist Baghdasaryan S. Armen, born in 1999

Reservist Arakelyan A. Misha, born in 1995

Reservist Aghasyan S. Nikolay, born in 1987

Reservist Abrahamyan E. Sanasar, born in 1988

Reservist Makyan G. Alexey, born in 1973

Reservist Mirzoyan S. Sergey, born in 1988

Reservist Avanesyan A. Armo, born in 1967

Reservist Abrahamyan A. Armen, born in 1973

Reservist Gasparyan A. Boris, born in 1976

Reservist Arustamyan M. Mkhitar, born in 1977

Reservist Ghazaryan V. Aram, born in 1997

Reservist Harutyunyan Y. Gor, born in 1996

Reservist Beglaryan D. Mikayel, born in 2000

Reservist Saghyan M. Martin, born in 1978

Reservist Mangasaryan M. Armen, born in 1976

Reservist Avanesyan G. Tigran, born in 1987

Reservist Apresyan V. Davit, born in 1977

Reservist Gharakhanyan A. Gevorg, born in 1991

Reservist Petrosyan M. Davit, born in 1977

Reservist Hajiyan M. Yervand, born in 1977

Reservist Mkrtchyan H. Aram, born in 1974

Reservist Martirosyan A. Artur, born in 1988

Reservist Poghosyan R. Davit, born in 1979

Reservist Grigoryan V. Armen, born in 1982

Reservist Avetisyan R. Davit, born in 1982

Reservist Melkonyan V. Vahe, born in 1981

Reservist Avanesyan E. Nver, born in 1979

Reservist Avagyan S. Vahe, born in 1989

Reservist Kziryants E. Garnik, born in 1991

Reservist Aghajanyan E. Artur, born in 1984

Reservist Qaramyan S. Qajik, born in 1991

Reservist Abrahamyan I. Eduard, born in 1967

Reservist Paramazyan A. Boris, born in 1998

Reservist Hovhannisyan L. Gerasim, born in 1974

Reservist Khachatryan G. Hayk, born in 1992

Reservist Tsatryan V. Grigori, born in 1987

Reservist Arakelyan V. Norik, born in 1990

Reservist Hovhannisyan G. Artur, born in 1971

Reservist Hayrapetyan V. Shahen, born in 1976

Reservist Galstyan S. Arsen, born in 1992

Reservist Baghdasaryan D. Karen, born in 1991

Reservist Avetisyan S. Sasun, born in 1983

Reservist Hayrumyan N. Artak, born in 1976

Reservist Hakobyan H. Mikayel, born in 1999

Reservist Hovsepyan S. Emil, born in 1986

Reservist Baghryan V. Makena, born in 1978

Reservist Petrosyan A. Beniamin, born in 1989

Reservist Avetisyan G. Hunan, born in 1972

Reservist Khachatryan M. Masis, born in 1989

Volunteer Matevosyan S. Abrik, born in 1971

Volunteer Ulubabyan A. Shiraz, born in 1972

Volunteer Aslanyan A. Garri, born in 1990

Volunteer Avagyan Y. Hovik, born in 1968

Volunteer Grigoryan V. Armen, born in 1977

Volunteer Musayelyan A. Albert, born in 1980

Volunteer Baghmanyan H. Mikayel, born in 1975

Volunteer Mnatsakanyan G. Gurgen, born in 1990

Volunteer Sargsyan S. Arsen, born in 1989

Volunteer Grigoryan A. Ashot, born in 1969

Volunteer Khachatryan B. Eduard, born in 1967

Volunteer Sargsyan R. Garnik, born in 1964

Volunteer Abrahamyan H. Nver, born in 1974

Volunteer Baghdasaryan T. Nver, born in 1975

Volunteer Asryan S. Sevak, born in 1980

Volunteer Arstamyan Y. Seyran, born in 1973

Volunteer Avanesyan A. Arsen, born in 1966

Reservist Margaryan A. Ruben, born in 1998

Volunteer Sardaryan S. Davit, born in 1984

Reservist Hovespyan L. Vahe, born in 1983

Reservist Manukyan G. Armenak, born in 1996

Martirosyan M. Edgar, born in 2000

Emil Lazarian

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