Armenian Ombudsman’s Office sends notice to prosecuting body over Ara Saghatelyan’s case

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 24 2021

The Armenian Human Rights Defender's (Ombudsman) Office has sent a notice to the body conducting criminal proceedings in connection with the arrest of Ara Saghatelyan, a former chief of staff of the National Assembly, the office told on Wednesday.

It said that immediately after the arrests made by the law enforcement authorities as part of a criminal case concerning a fake Facebook page, the Human Rights Defender's Office received an alarm from a lawyer.

"As a result of the monitoring of social media and news outlets, records were made by the lawyers in connection with the launch of the criminal case and the arrests. A visit was paid to those involved in the case, including Ara Saghatelyan.

“After the visit, the lawyers also submitted a written application to the ombudsman.

“Based on the outcomes of the visit and the complaints made, a notice has been sent to the prosecuting body," the office said.

Earlier on Monday, lawyer Robert Hayrapetyan stated that Ara Saghatelyan is a political prisoner “under all the criteria established by the PACE”.

Armenia’s former Ambassador to the Holy See Mikayel Minasyan also denounced the charges brought against him as “politically motivated.”

The lawyers also stated that the court ruled to arrest Saghatelyan for two months in the wake of political pressure. 

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