Opposition MP: Artsakh president must answer for rejecting ex-presidents’ proposal to meet during war

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 17 2021

Leader of the opposition Bright Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan on Wednesday said former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s statements on the course of the recent Artsakh war are true, stressing the need to form a fact-finding group to investigate the circumstances of the war.

Speaking to reporters at the National Assembly on Wednesday, the lawmaker said on October 2 last year, he visited Artsakh and learned that high-ranking and experienced generals had been barred from taking part in hostilities, a decision they had protested in Stepanakert Square.

"The president of Artsakh must answer for it, because the former presidents wanted to help him and proposed to hold a meeting, and, in fact, he refused to meet with them," the lawmaker said.

Marukyan called for establishment of a parliamentary parity commission to probe such episodes of the war.

According to him, if these issues are not investigated now, the information will become outdated, and those who testify about it may provide different testimonies in the future.

“Even after watching the second part of the third president’s interview, I am convinced that they should be subject to investigation. I don’t rule out that documented data on those reports may not be available in the future,” Marukyan said.

The MP recalled that on the day of President Arayik Harutyunyan's statement on sending everyone to military positions, he was in Artsakh together with several MPs and asked to be given weapons to head to relevant posts.

“We were told to immediately return to Armenia and do everything possible to stop the war,” Marukyan said, stressing that already on 2 October everyone urged to stop the war as soon as possible. 

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