Armenia parliament majority leader: Our statements were not made in context of fear, Armenia
Feb 8 2021

YEREVAN. – It should be noted that the holding of early parliamentary elections by the parliamentary opposition did not receive a positive response. Lilit Makunts, the head of the majority My Step faction, said this Monday in the National Assembly of Armenia, in a conversation with reporters.

"We will continue the work for the implementation of the roadmap, and when summing up, we then will return to the need for early elections," Makunts said.

To the remark that there are opinions that the ruling force was afraid of these elections and therefore was backing away from that idea, the leader of My Step faction said that their statements were not made in the context of fear. "Because the proposal to hold snap [parliamentary] elections was voiced by us," Makunts said.

And to a reporter's question as to the veracity of the information that polls were conducted and as a result, the ruling force decided not to go for these elections, Lilit Makunts said: "There are various sociological polls at various stages; moreover, by many different organizations, which I am sure send their polls not only to us, but also to the opposition."

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