Reporter comes to government building with Armenia PM’s words on poster after incident at Yerevan military pantheon, Armenia
Jan 29 2021

Reporter for the Armenian newspaper Lia Sargsyan today came to the government building and held a poster reading the statement that Nikol Pashinyan had made about Shushi in his speech in parliament since, in response to the reporter’s question at Yerablur Military Pantheon, Nikol Pashinyan had demanded that the reporter cite his words in writing, after which he will answer her question live.

“As you can see, I am holding a poster reading the Prime Minister’s statement on Shushi. Here it is clearly written that the Prime Minister asks if the city of Shushi that was populated by 90 plus percent Azerbaijanis is an Armenian city. Basically, the Prime Minister questions the fact that Shushi is an Armenian city. Therefore, please, Mr. Prime Minister, there is a question at the bottom, and I ask the Prime Minister to come down and say whether Shushi is an Armenian or Azerbaijani city live,” the reporter said.

To note, at Yerablur Military Pantheon in Yerevan on Thursday, in response to this reporter's remarks that, "You said that Shushi is an Azerbaijani city," PM Pashinyan had countered by saying: "You personally shall bring my quote on paper that I said, 'Shushi is Azerbaijani,' and I will respond to you live."


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