Bright Armenia faction head says conduction of snap elections while having captives in Azerbaijani jail wrong

Aysor, Armenia
Jan 18 2021

Head of Bright Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan speaking at the parliament today said he cannot imagine conduction of snap parliamentary elections now.

“Our brothers and sisters are in Azerbaijani jails, how can we go to their homes and give election booklets. I don’t imagine conduction of snap elections in the conditions of identification process of our martyrs. How will you go to their yards and speak with a microphone?” he said, adding though that as far as the authorities threaten them with snap elections, they are ready for them.

Marukyan also presented the procedure – Nikol Pashinyan steps down, after which the parliament twice fails to elect a premier and dissolves.

“There is no other procedure,” the head of the Bright Armenia faction said.

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