Edmon Marukyan expects authorities to comment on the fate of Armenian population in Martakert villages ceded to Azerbaijan

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 23 2020

One of the points of the Karabakh statement on the cessation of all hostilities in Artsakh, signed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on November 9, envisages that refugees and internally displaced people should return to their places of residence in Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent regions. As the leader of opposition Bright Armenia Party Edmon Marukyan wrote on Facebook, the point has been interpreted in a way that it refers to both Armenian and Azerbaijani sides.

"The question is now raised that if Armenians displaced in Artsakh should return to their homes, why were the Armenian residents of the seven villages in Martakert region asked to leave their places?" Marukyan wrote, asking whether the Armenian population was supposed to stay in their villages, while Azerbaijani so-called refugees could also return and live there under the supervision of Russian peacekeepers.

Marukyan called on authorities to comment on the point of the trilateral statement which has been signed by them.

As reported earlier, seven villages in the Martakert region which were supposed to remain under Artsakh control, were handed over to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan claimed that the villages fall in Aghdam region, which was scheduled to be ceded to them, according to the s=trilateral statement.


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