Azerbaijan continues shelling Artsakh’s Martakert town and nearby villages


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 21, ARMENPRESS. The Azerbaijani armed forces continue shelling Artsakh’s Martakert town and nearby villages despite the new agreement on a humanitarian ceasefire, reporter Lusine Zakaryan told Armenpress.

“Today, early morning, at around 07:30, the adversary again shelled the nearby villages of Martakert town, as well as the town but with less intensity. Apartments and public buildings were damaged from the Azerbaijani shelling. Martakert community leader Misha Gyurjyan said the amount of damage caused to the town is big and daily works are being done to outline it. As of 14:40, Martakert is being shelled with less intensity”, she said.

She informed that the power, water supply still operate in the town, however, the natural gas supply is not operating for security purposes.

“Everything is normal with the population, there is no panic, they are in shelters. Everyone thinks only about the victory”, she added.

Editing and translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

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