Lawyer comments on criminal case against former Armenian football chief

Panorama, Armenia

Amram Makinyan, the lawyer of former Armenian MP and President of the Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan, has reacted to the May 21 statement of the Investigative Committee about the criminal case involving his client.

"For now, referring to only a part of the statement issued by the Investigative Committee yesterday, and answering the questions of many reporters at once, I have to once again disappoint those who label Ruben Hayrapetyan as guilty, announcing that your expectations have not been met again,” the lawyer said on Facebook.

“There is not even a single hint of factual evidence in the case that Ruben Hayrapetyan organized: 1. illegal deprivation of liberty of H. Sh. (Hayk Shahnazaryan) in Harsnaqar Restaurant and Hotel Complex; 2. or causing severe physical pain and severe mental suffering to Hayk Shahnazaryan.

It is not difficult to guess why the Investigative Committee issued a statement with such wording…

It's one thing to say, while it's another thing to substantiate," Makinyan added. 

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