Deputy Chief of Police told who can visit Artsakh these days and presented number of violators of self-isolation regime

Arminfo, Armenia

ArmInfo.As at 12:00 on March 28, 1889 citizens were brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the regime of self-isolation. Deputy Chief of the RA  Police Hayk Mhryan at a press conference announced this on March 28.  

At the same time, he also informed that 1843 cases of violation of  the rules for the transportation of persons in vehicles (more than  two persons) were also recorded, passengers have been disembarked.   "48 drivers were subjected to administrative penalties for  transporting persons more than the norm," the Deputy Chief  of Police  emphasized.  

Speaking about travel restrictions in Artsakh, Mhryan informed that  according to the restrictions introduced, since March 26, the border  between Armenia and Artsakh has been closed in 4 directions.  

"At present, people with a residence permit, as well as vehicles  carrying out cargo transportation, trucks, regardless of congestion,  and cars can only drive in Artsakh if there is cargo.  Observers and  journalists can also go to Artsakh, if they have the appropriate  documents. Organizations making supplies for the Artsakh Defense Army  have the opportunity to cross the border freely, "concluded the  deputy chief of the RA police. 

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