Prime Minister: We must do everything possible so that observers do not deliver coronavirus in Artsakh

Arminfo, Armenia

ArmInfo. As we know, presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in Artsakh on March 31, and observers from Armenia and abroad will go there. This was announced on March 26 by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during a  government meeting.  

He noted that every effort should be made so  that the coronavirus infection does not penetrate the territory of  Artsakh. <Today we already have quick tests to check for coronavirus.  Let's agree to cooperate with representatives of monitoring  organizations, and determine whether the observers come from the risk  zone or not. If so, we will ask for a change of observers. Moreover,  before they leave for NKR, we'll ask them to take a quick test to  check for coronavirus to be sure that they are not carriers of the  virus, "the prime minister emphasized.

<Today, fortunately, no coronavirus has been detected in Artsakh,  despite the fact that dozens of people have passed the coronavirus  test. We must do everything possible so that representatives of the  observation groups do not deliver the coronavirus to Artsakh>,  Pashinyan concluded. 

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