New Yerevan Circus building keeps being constructed

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 15 2020

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, has no circus for around nine years already.

The old Yerevan Circus was demolished in 2012 after experts arrived at the conclusion about inexpediency of its reconstruction. Deadlines for the opening of the new circus building have been repeatedly set, but none of them have been met so far.It remains unclear when the new building of Yerevan Circus will be put into service since construction work in the building continue to date.

Speaking to, Yerevan Circus Artistic Director, Professor Sos Petrosyan said the new building is already standing, adding interior finishing work is currently underway.

According to Petrosyan, they are doing everything possible to put the building into operation in October-November 2020. The artistic director says a lot of work still needs to be done inside the building.

“Construction of a circus building is not an easy task. Experts are invited from Moscow, different countries to consider every detail,” he said.

The new circus building has been designed by architect Vahagn Vermishyan. It is set to fully comply with the international standards, increasing the number of seats to 2,000 from the previous 1,560.

The new circus will be six meters higher and equipped with modern stage technique. 


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