Fire opened by Azerbaijani side in Nakhijevan sector not targeted: Armenia’s DM

Aysor, Armenia

The shooting by Azerbaijani side in Nakhijevan sector was not targeted, Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan told the reporters today.

“The shooting was not targeted. We have undertaken measures, established communication with our neighbor for such cases not to repeat again,” Tonoyan said.

Asked whether the communication has been established via operative communication stated by Nikol Pashiyan, Tonoyan gave positive answer.

As to how it works, the minister said, “The case happens, we check and warn, the other side undertakes measures. This is a mediated communication, we are speaking via appointed official. It is normal and positive process.”

On July 17 the Azerbaijani side opened fire in the direction of the Armenian postguards violating the ceasefire regime.

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