Civil movement activists in for rescuing "Karahunj" are waiting for a decision from gov’t in connection with "barbaric" excavations on territory of monument

Arminfo, Armenia
Asya Balayan

ArmInfo.Activists of the civil movement in the name of saving "Karahunj" are waiting for a decision from the government in connection with the "barbaric" excavations in  the territory of cultural heritage. Such a statement was made by  activists of the civil movement in the name of saving a unique  historical monument, the oldest observatory "Karahunj", speaking of  the fate of the oldest observatory "Zorats-Karer".

To note, the civil movement formed in defense of "Karahunj", whose  members are various organizations and individuals, demand to stop the  excavations in "Karahunj" and pass this heritage to the next  generations, and in the future to carry out excavations only when it  is possible to carry them out using modern equipment and  participation of foreign experts.

The activists call on the country's authorities to punish and prevent  further destructive actions being carried out by the head of the  archaeological expedition "Zorats Karer", scientific secretary of the  Historical Environment Protection Service of the Ministry of Culture  of Armenia Ashot Piliposyan.

In their publication, activists called upon journalists and all those  who are interested in what happened at the observatory of the  "Zorats-Karer" (Karahunj) Historical and Cultural Reserve to go to  the government building to present a description of the incident, and  also send a request – a letter of demands to the Prime Minister,  thereby strengthening their constructive steps and position.

<We are more inclined to say that this is the logical end of the  struggle, which was filled with constructiveness and patience. After  the government's decision, our next steps will also become clear,  since we will not tolerate destruction and vandalism in our  historical and cultural heritage, especially when it comes to  national and universal historical and cultural heritage, "the message  of one of the activists says.

According to activists, Piliposyan barbarously carries out  excavations with the help of heavy and other equipment, which leads  to the devaluation of an ancient cultural, historical and scientific  monument that has existed for at least 7500 years.

Piliposyan's actions are interpreted by activists as anti-Armenian  activities aimed at distorting Armenian history, falsifying it for  the sake of personal professional ambitions, aggressively interfering  with the stories of tour guides and refuting the well-known version  of "Karahunj" as the oldest observatory, claiming "Karahunj" is just  a cemetery.

Thus, doubting the version of the famous world-renowned scientist,  radio astronomer, creator of the unique radio-optical telescope of  academician Paris Heruni about "Karahunj", as an observatory, which  was proved by four independent scientific methods and confirmed by  many foreign experts.

However, Ashot Piliposyan, in turn, said that the excavations here  will be continued in order to clarify once and for all the purpose of  this monument, overgrown with all sorts of legends. To recall,  "Karahunj" or as it is also called <Armenian Stonehenge> gained world  fame after Heruni, who devoted to the study of this unique monument  for many years of work and published many scientific works, came to a  scientifically based version of "Karahunj" as the oldest observatory.  This hypothesis is supported by conical holes drilled in the upper  part of high stones processed by an ancient man. If you look closely,  they are directed to certain points of the sky. Thanks to the stone  observatory, the ancients did not only follow the movement of  celestial bodies, they made up an exact calendar of the beginning of  agricultural work, harvest, and travel time. It should be noted that  the age of many archaeological monuments of Armenia is several  thousand years, referring to the period of the Stone Age and the  Neolithic. The "Karahunj" megalithic complex dates back to this age -  7,500 years BC.

The huge megalithic complex "Karahunj" is located in the south of  Armenia, near the town of Sisian, on a mountain plateau located at an  altitude of 1,770 meters above sea level. This mysterious structure  covers an area of about seven hectares and is a circle formed by  hundreds of large vertical stones.

Interestingly, the location of the "Karahunj" stones almost  completely repeats the pattern that forms the Chinese pyramids on the  ground. And from the height you can see that the stones in the center  of "Karahunj" schematically repeat the constellation Cygnus, that is,  a certain star corresponds to each stone.  The adherents of this  hypothesis are sure that there existed a certain highly developed  civilization, which thus perpetuated the atlas of the starry sky  compiled by it in stone.