Avinyan accused the opposition of inappropriate criticism of the government`s program

Arminfo, Armenia
Feb 13 2019
Asya Balayan

ArmInfo. There were no constructive proposals or criticism regarding the content of the program of the government from the opposition. This was stated by  Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan in an interview with  journalists.

<And this is very sad. The only thing that has been said so far is  that there are no numbers in the program.  Meanwhile, such conceptual  issues as the economic model of development, the scale of exports and  competition were not given attention, "Avinyan said, stressing that  he would like to return to the constructive field and hold more  meaningful discussions.It should be noted that almost all past  governments of Armenia also accused the opposition of inaccurate  criticism of programs and the lack of constructive proposals.