Suspension of Lydian Armenia company’s activity results in low export volume: Khosrov Harutyunyan

Aysor, Armenia
Dec 26 2018
Suspension of Lydian Armenia company's activity results in low export volume: Khosrov Harutyunyan
Chairman of the NA’s economic affairs standing committee does not agree with the claims that it is necessary to stop mining activity as it is harmful and is not of great economic significance.
Speaking to, Harutyunyan stressed that it is necessary to work with all mining companies to understand how to make their activity safe.
Referring to the tough statements addressed to the activity of Lydian Armenia company, Harutyunyan said that to eliminate the concerns the government must forward clear demand and do everything to reduce the danger even for a percent.
“If someone asked me what to do in case of Lydian, I would say that if there is even one percent that your productive activity may negatively influence on the mine you should eliminate this possibility. What additional investments are necessary for reducing the ecological impacts, for cleaning stations? Ensure it all and we, instead, grant you with additional privileges. It would be beneficial for both parties,” Harutyunyan said, noting that such cooperation gives opportunity to have serious infrastructures and form big trust among the investors.
“Lydian is a big company, it is necessary to speak with them, to ask their opinion. Such method would have shown to potential investors that the authorities are open for dialogue,” he said.
Harutyunyan stressed that it is necessary to have examples of successful investments and cooperation to attract investors.
He also stressed that tough attitude toward Lydian and other companies as well as closing roads by activists fighting against mine exploitation harm the economy.
“During the eleven months the export volumes have gone down. If Lydian Armenia worked such figure would not have been registered,” he said.

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