RPA: Such behaviour is unprecedented in our political culture

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 27 2018

The RPA central election headquarters has issued a statement, which reads:
"A number of statements made by the acting Prime Minister yesterday and today are the most vivid manifestations of hate speech that go beyond the limits of the political struggle, as well as violate a number of human and moral principles, such as targeting a woman.

Such behaviour is unprecedented in our political culture, especially by a high-ranking official, namely the prime minister responsible for the safety and well-being of all of us.

We have had a chance to address the abuse of administrative resources by the acting Prime Minister, a bright example of which is the fact that being on holiday, the prime minister was threatening the elected officials, and actually gave the police instructions for compulsory execution.
We invite the attention of the Central Electoral Commission, the Ombudsman and international observers to the acting Prime Minister's speeches, conduct and rhetoric.”

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