Armenian-Russian cooperation plays ‘stabilizing’ role in the South Caucasus, expert says

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 26 2018

The current situation in the Middle East obviously affects the South Caucasus region, turkologist Ruben Safrastyan said at a roundtable held on Monday to discuss whether 2018 was a breakthrough year for the region.

Safrastyan, who heads the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences, is strongly convinced two tendencies greatly influence the situation in the South Caucasus.

“The first tendency is linked to the Iranian factor. The US sanctions imposed on the country will have an impact on the region in the near future,” he said.

“The second key tendency is the latest political developments in Armenia. They seem to be an internal political affair, but the domestic political processes will affect the political and military situation throughout the region,” the expert noted.

Reflecting on the Armenian-Russian relations, Safrastyan stressed the strategic cooperation between the two countries plays a ‘stabilizing’ role in the South Caucasus, adding that role is on the increase.

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