Pashinyan gifts archived photos, Armenian designer made socks to Trudeau

ArmenPress, Armenia
Oct 12 2018

Pashinyan gifts archived photos, Armenian designer made socks to Trudeau

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 12, ARMENPRESS. During a state dinner hosted by Prime
Minister Nikol Pashinyan in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau, the Armenian Premier gifted his Canadian counterpart a framed
photo collection of Trudeau’s father, taken by the Soviet Armenian
State Security Committee, and socks.

“There is much talk about this in Armenia, and Mr. Prime Minister
himself noted that in 1984 he had an occasion to visit Armenia with
his father Pierre Trudeau. And I hope that Mr. Trudeau understands
that during that Soviet period he and his father weren’t alone,
weren’t alone, weren’t alone. And the national security service of our
country found this photograph from the state security committee
archives. What’s interesting? Since Mr. Trudeau was a child at that
time and wasn’t of interest of the state security committee, he didn’t
anyhow appear before the camera. I am pleased to gift this to my

But this isn’t all. I was thinking – what is Mr. Trudeau known for,
and what am I known for, and with what can I compete with our dear
Prime Minister. I think I am known with my selfies, and Mr. Trudeau
with his socks. And there is a [designer] company in Armenia, that
decided to make a special gift to both of us – perhaps laying the
foundation of a good friendship with this. One [pair] of these socks
is mine, Mr. Prime Minister, and the other [pair] is yours,” Prime
Minister Nikol Pashinyan said while making a toast.

The socks are in the colors of the Armenian flag.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharyan

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